Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Notes to a small country

Well, here is your humble Devil, in Schipol airport, waiting for a connecting flight to yet more southern climes. Alas, it seems that I shall be here for a while, as the flight is not until 7.15 LT.

Still, they do have computers for use, as you can see, so I have taken advantage of some vastly overpriced internet access because, frankly, it's looking like a bargain.

One has to say that the Dutch announcer's are wonderfully blunt: "Mr X, flying to Y. You are delaying the flight. Immediate boarding, please, or we will proceed to unload your luggage."

It's slightly weird, actually. This is the first time that I have been out of GB in about 5 years, and the first time that I have done so unaccompanied in about 7 years. A plethora of different languages—dominated, naturally, by English—abound, and yet, as per, allairports look essentially the same. However, your Devil feels a little displaced removed from his natural Kitchen abode, and realises that he possibly should get out more...

Naturally, you can't smoke here, unless you go to an expensive (£2.30 for a small beer: Lordy!) bar or restaurant. However, I may go and investigate the cigarette situation failry soon. After all, they can't be pricier than GB, eh?

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