Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Inspired by this excellent post at ChickenYoghurt, a question for you: what constitutes a paedophile?

Paedophiles seem to be a group of people who are universally reviled—apart from Mohammed, of course—and yet it seems to me that the exact definition is open to interpretation.

If we go by the law, then we run into problems. In the US the age of consent is, in some places, as high as 18 (?); in Britain it is 16; but in Belgium the age of consent is 12. In Holland, 14. If someone goes to Belgium, has consenting sex with a 12 year old, is he a paedophile in Britain?

If you go by puberty, that is still problematic.

If you try to rule by mental ability to choose... well... that's pretty difficult to judge too.

Over to you...

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