Monday, October 31, 2005

News stories are like Jesus #1

They never die, they just get resurrected from time to time. bookdrunk has a piece up about the "soaring" sales of the morning after pill.
The Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail all turn to the news of an increase in the sale of morning-after pills. Can you see where this is going?

The Daily Mail opens with a characteristically misleading headline - 'Soaring morning-after pill sales a health risk'. While the number of women choosing to buy the morning-after pill over the counter has indeed risen, the total number of women using the morning-after pill has remained the same - around seven percent of women between 16 and 49.

The issue of whether this might constitute a specific 'health risk' is rather more a matter of opinion.

Regular readers may remember that I blogged about this a little while ago, highlighting Anne Glasier's concerns about the effectiveness of the morning after pill.
Essentially, the morning after pill floods your body with a host of (vaguely targeted) poisons in order to stop any embryo implanting or, should it have implanted, kill it. My lady friend was shaking, vomiting, feeling listless, ill, irritable, depressed and, frankly, never wanted to touch the damn things again.

These women must, indeed, have the constitutions of oxen. Or they're masochists. One or t'other.

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