Sunday, October 16, 2005

The nature of the divine

Being an atheist, here in The Kitchen, your humble devil rarely meditates on the natureof religion. However, he ismore than happy to discuss how religion might influence the actions of its adherents. However, given the events around the world since I started this blogging lark, I have not had the time, inclination or intimate knowledge of Christian philosophy, to write on that religion.

Instead, I shall commend you to Tiny Judas's entertaining post on Christian pro-lifers and other such faiths.
[Tony Wyatt said] he believed in miracles. "If the man upstairs says this person should live, then this person should live," he said

Now, this is a child that not only ‘will never see or hear, walk, sit or eat properly, and will require round-the clock care until she dies’ but who also ‘has never left hospital and has stopped breathing five times. She is fed by tube because she cannot suck from a bottle, and needs a constant supply of oxygen’. Tony wants them to cut open her throat and permanently insert a pipe that will breathe for her. Does any of this sound like the work of a God who wants someone to live?

Or does it sound like medicine keeping alive a tiny ball of nothing but pain.

One has to ask the question, when ‘God’s word’ is mutilated to such a violent degree, who is serving whom?

It's good stuff.

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