Monday, October 03, 2005

Is the Grauniad institutionally racist?


Furthermore, Theodore also has this to say:
The idea that all differentials in achievement between groups of human beings are attributable only to bias, illicit discrimination and prejudice is a primitive one, a little like the Azande idea that everyone dies of malevolent witchcraft, but it serves the ends of those who want to politicise the whole of life and control all social developments. Such people do not believe that societies can reach satisfactory accommodations and equilibria spontaneously and piecemeal, without central direction and an overall plan, usually their own of course.

This is nonsense, of course. It isn't long ago that football clubs in this country were deeply prejudiced against black players, but it soon enough became clear to them, thanks to the obvious talents of black players, that they would be ill-advised to reject black players on account of the colour of their skin. There was no central plan to this effect, any more than there was a central plan to make the owners of newsagents and corner stores predominantly Indian.[My emphasis—DK]

What's that? Evil, capiltalist businesses will lose their racist tendencies in order to benefit their businesses? What, you mean that the market can even combat prejudice? Lordy, now there's a turn-up for the statist books, eh?

These humble businesses, incidentally, have been the motor of a great deal of social mobility, something which their owners understood a great deal better than the intellectuals, moral entrepreneurs and bureaucrats.
The quiet heroism of parents who have kept a little store for twenty or thirty years, often in the face of very difficult conditions (despicable racist abuse among them), that their children might be educated, ascend the social scale and enjoy richer, fuller lives than their own, moves me far more than the rage of those who see only racism and discrimination.

What a pity that Owen, Chris and Jarndyce, amongst others, would take that advantage away from the children because those children haven't earned the income (despite that fact that we all know, through observation, that these children often contribute an enormous amount to these small businesses). Pile on the IHT, chaps, and let's penalise those dastardly hard-working families; after all, fucking lazy aggressive druggie scum (FLADS, as I shall now call them) have earned it, and their need is greater.

Well, you should all know what my position is by now...

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