Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Harding and race relations...

While we are on the subject of Neil Harding being wrong, let's dredge up this old classic, in which I challenged Neil's contention that all those against unfettered immigration are, in fact, simply racists.
On the face of it, it seems an obvious and ridiculous thing to have to say, but the crux of those arguing against immigration rests on implying that people born abroad are inferior.

It is not something you will ever hear them say directly but my god, they leave you with no doubt that this is what they mean. Of course, quite a lot more than this can usually be read into what they say because for immigrants read black or brown skin, which is the real cause of their distress.

To which I, quite sensibly, replied (amongst (a lot of) other things):
The reason that large scale immigration is not desirable is because it causes confrontation. It actually doesn't matter whether you think that it should or not: the fact is that it does. Unfortunately, we are seeing the results of this culture clash in, amongst other things, the Tube bombings.

The culture clash becomes greater the more equal the size of the opposing cultures. In the end, there is no point in saying that in an enlightened world it shouldn't happen because, when you get down to brass tacks, it does.

Neil has preserved his reply for posterity (unlike fucking Haloscan) in which, amongst other things, he said:
You [i.e. me—DK] give examples of why this 'cultural difference' is a problem by citing the Burnley riots.

Of course this totally ignores the fact that it was poverty that was the main cause of those riots, not people being 'culturally different'. Otherwise, why does the most diverse cultural city in the world, i.e. London, not have riots every day?

I wonder if he is feeling quite as confident now? Or is it a case of me being right again? Or are these riots caused solely by poverty too? (And will this be declared a racist killing?*)

There's a good post about this at Mangan's Miscellany: well worth reading...

*Oh, and when we catch those fuckers, let's deport the little shits back to Pakistan or wherever the fuck they're from. Although, actually, I favour "rendering" them to the Algerians as terrorist suspects...

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