Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The government is watching you but they really would like to watch you closer...

Given all this hoo-ha about the ID Cards, can I really recommend this post by Talk Politics. Go read. (By the way, I should declare an interest: I am one of the "11,000 refuseniks" mentioned.)

Given Mr Harding's continuing bollocks about how secure the NIR would be, I was particularly shocked by this little revelation.
Neil said: Further to this, everyone will have access to their own entry on the database and even information of who has been using it to verify their identity.

Spyblog was, last night, looking closely into this claim and, in particular, into the exact wording of Tony McNulty's comments on this issue, which from the comments, were:

"Mr. McNulty: I certainly accept what my hon. Friend says about static as opposed to ever changing databases. She makes an entirely fair point. My hon. and learned Friend the Member for Medway (Mr. Marshall-Andrews) offered a lot of comedy about the Domesday book, but it is not a fair interpretation of the Bill to say that the Secretary of State can change anything in the database that he likes, and insert whatever he wants to. That is not the case. We want people to be able to access secure web sites, by means of their PIN number, so that they can adjust and change data on the register."

As someone with more than 20 years dealing with IT both professionally and personally I can full concur with spyblog's comment:

"So "hackers" or "phishers" or terrorists or criminals or foreign intelligence agencies etc. will be able to steal or muck around with NIR data without any of the security provided by Biometrics at all !!

How long before a computer virus brute force attacks your, by definition short PIN, and either compromises your information, and that of millions of other people, or causes you to have your NIR view/edit/update account to be locked or disabled - a Denial of Service ?

No doubt you will then be accused of tampering with the Register and sent to prison for 10 years, since it will be impossible for most people to prove that their IP address was hijacked or faked."

Are they insane? I mean, seriously; do our wonderful leacers know nothing about this technology in which they place so much faith?
  • The Inland Revenue tax credits system which locked up for 15 minutes at a time and led to staff walking out. After ten months, 220,000 cases were unresolved and 400,000 people got their money late.

  • The NIRS2 national insurance system that came in years late and massively over budget - costing £85 million in compensation and £68 million to put right.

  • The electronic personnel management system in the Inland Revenue that can only be used by managers on a Monday to ensure that demand doesn't cause the system to fall over.

  • The on-line PAYE system that hasn't been sufficiently well-tested.

  • Five million tax records lost by the Inland Revenue.

  • Problems with the Swanwick air traffic control system.

  • The Security Service's new SCOPE computer, which is running three years late and 50% over budget for an underpowered system.

  • The HR system for the Northern Ireland Office which cost £3.3 million and didn't work after nine years.

  • A lack of performance monitoring on NHS IT, criticised as 'an appalling waste of money' by a parliamentary committee.

  • The BOWMAN military radio project, which came into limited use over a decade late at a cost of almost £2 billion.

  • The new Child Support Agency system which went massively over-budget and over-schedule.

  • The complete cock-up of the payment card system that swallowed £1 billion before it was scrapped.

  • The immigration document handling project that was scrapped after £77 million and a delay of years.

  • The CRAMS system for the probation service that went 70% over budget.

[List above courtesy of the excellent PoliticalHack]

Oh, no, they don't. Apparently, neither do those idiots who support them.

Talk Politics replies to Neil here and this is also definitely worth looking at.

As always, Master Lightfoot also has some great stuff on this too.

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