Friday, October 14, 2005

Giving our money to EU?

Timmy comments on The Fragrant Commissioner's plan to use EU money to carry the debate on the EU to the people.

Now, bear in mind that this is a woman who I descibed as being "more out of her depth than a midget in New Orleans", and any examination of her blog would confirm this. Have a look at the comments on her 'blog in order to decide the quality of debate that we are going to have here...

P.S. Tim, when that few billion come in, don't forget that I've got yer little motto in my headline.

I, too, believe that the EU should not exist, that it would be better, not only for those whom we keep from our markets, but also for us (and our wallets) if the whole organisation—and, most importantly, the tariff barriers and quotas—were removed. I generally, and genuinely, believe that the EU serves no useful purpose, other than to further the political amour prope of the French. As such it is of little use to us, here in Britain.

However, although I would wish to see it dismantled entirely, were we to withdraw, it may yet serve a greater purpose, i.e. it will hold back the economies of our EU rivals. Were we to remove ourselves—and yet retain our trading advantages (not beyond the realms of possibility)—we would have a significant advantage over those countries still fettered by this montrous bureaucratic ziggurat.

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