Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get some education...

bookdrunk is perusing the new Education Paper. So far, he concludes that it makes fuck all sense.
I've yet to find the part of the white paper that directly addresses this problem beyond the commitment to 'ensure there are more good schools'. No shit, Sherlock. This is the big idea? There aren't enough good schools, so we'll create some more good schools - an approach which rather seems to contradict the 'hands off' notion that we'll let 'market forces' (i.e. leagues tables and parents discovering their children are failing because their school is shitty) sort it out. Maybe that's not what is meant. I just can't tell and I've been reading this damn document for over an hour.

The boy knows a bit about education—having, as he does—more qualifications than a Neil Harding post. He is going to return to the document later: I can't wait for the man's conclusion.

This sounds encouraging though:
There's an impenetrable tract about parents being empowered to start their own schools

This is what they do in Sweden, although they operate a free voucher system, rather than a catchment area system. More on that by Tim, here.

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