Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fatuous court of nonentity country issues toothless warrant

It cannot be just myself who thinks that this is a farce.
A Spanish judge has issued an international arrest order for three US soldiers over the shelling of a Baghdad hotel that killed a cameraman.

Judge Santiago Pedraz issued the warrant for Sgt Shawn Gibson, Capt Philip Wolford and Lt Col Philip de Camp, of the US 3rd Infantry Division.

Jose Couso, of Spanish TV network Telecinco, died in April 2003 when a US tank fired on the Palestine Hotel.

Speaking on Wednesday, the judge said he had issued the arrest order because of a lack of judicial co-operation from the US in the case.

Sorry, remind me again: why were the reporters there, in the middle of a warzone? And, since the US is not signed up to the International Criminal Court, does the warrant have any binding effect on US troops?

This is precisely the reason why the US refused to sign up to the ICC, i.e. that they feared that their soldiers could be prosecuted for their actions during a war. I sincerely hope that the US military tell the Spanish to stick their arrest warrant up their... hem hem.

What will the Spanish do then? Will they run away or will they perhaps hire bounty hunters to bring those evil criminals in: dead or alive...? Or will this just end up as another useless piece of paper, blowing in the breeze...

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