Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cross my palm with silver...

Parents who send their children to private schools should not get a subsidy from the state, says Schools Minister Jacqui Smith.

There had been calls at a meeting of heads of independent schools for a voucher or tax rebate for parents who opted out of state education.

But Ms Smith rejected such calls, saying she would rather invest money in cutting primary class sizes.

Any minute now, I'm going to get myself a tent and crystal ball, don a ludicrous wig, turban, faux gypsy voice and a slightly menacing demeanour and persuade the foolish to pay me for my prescience.
While I'm doing that, could someone get Jacqui Smith, to pop into the Kitchen and read me at some point?
[I] would suggest that, actually, class size is rather less important than Education Ministers might think. It is ability range, not class size, that is important; and primarily responsible for the destruction of education in that area is, I'm afraid, the socialist, one-size-fits-all, every-child-has-the-same-potential dogma bollocks.

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