Friday, October 21, 2005


I would like to point out, to those who worry about these things, that I have been trying to use Trackbacks but Haloscan, being the piece of crap that it is, keeps failing about 80% of them. Even Trackbacks to their own damn servers; how spasticated differently-abled are these wankers onanists?

They seem to have a particular problem with Typepad addresses, but they seem to have a few problems with everything at the moment. They boast that they have over 100,000 members: well, perhaps they should have load-tested their servers and programming—as sensible people do—before they decided to go and get a load of customers to severely annoy.

I'm probably going to migrate my comments back to Blogger, and start using their Backlinks system, but until I can be arsed to unravel the code, I'll just have to stick with effing Haloscan. Very, very annoyed...

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