Saturday, October 08, 2005

ChickenYoghurt tracks back

Chicken Yoghurt has decided to initiate Trackbacks. This is excellent news, as I have been frustrated by his lack of them for some time.

For those who don't know, Trackbacks are used to reference posts. If you write a particularly absorbing/irritating/erudite/ill-informed post, someone may wish to comment on it, and discuss the issues surrounding it, at more length than they could in the comments. Trackbacks allow you to see if anyone is referencing your post (the little number by your posts "Trackback" title tells you how many) you can tell who they are, and also read the exerpt that they have posted. It simply allows people to see who is running with their ideas. Similarly, they can see if you've referenced them. For instance, if you go to CY's post, linked to above, and click on the Trackback link below it, you will be able to see my summary of this post.

This whole conversation with Curious Hamster was initiated when I sent a Trackback to the original post that he wrote (I wouldn't flatter myself that he checks me everyday. Even if I do crop up twice in his blogroll). Trackbacks are a useful way to see who is reading you, and also to discover new blogs. Go implement them. Try Haloscan if you are on Blogger (which has no native Trackback system).

So, on with the conversation, people...

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