Monday, October 03, 2005

BlodAds do work!

I, for reasons that should be obvious (look to the left, my poppets), would love to join Timmy in pointing out that targeted advertising on blogs does work, and at a fraction of the cost of other methods.
DESPITE THEIR RELATIVELY LOW REACH compared to mass media outlets, blogs and other consumer-generated media channels can be extremely cost-effective in driving Web traffic to campaign sites and creating interest, said panelists at the OMMA East Conference on Wednesday. Panelist Brian Clark, the CEO of GMD Studios, recounted a campaign that his agency ran for Audi, titled "The Art of the Heist."
Just one-half of one percent of the media buy budget, Clark said, was spent on BlogAds--a firm run by panel moderator Henry Copeland, which sells ad space on some of the highest-trafficked blogs. Those ads, Clark said, ended up accounting for 29 percent of the traffic sent to the campaign's landing page.

As Tim points out, this would very much imply that BlogAds is definitely a worthwhile investment for advertisers.
For example, there is a subset (a mini-network in the parlance) aimed squarely at UK blogs [you might want to admire the rather super logo—DK]. Just under 400,000 impressions a week for the bargain price of $303 per week, lower with longer buys. 0.08 cents per impression. Something of a bargain, eh?

So come on, you ad boys: help the Devil find inspiration for new recipes by throwing your cash at him! He, in turn, will continue to post ill-informed yet suitably contentious stuff (I've got a lovely post about eugenics coming up!) to keep the traffic piling in (after all, my traffic is up from 200 visits a week at the beginning of August to 200 a day now). We can only go up from here...

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