Thursday, October 06, 2005

Anyone but the fat, ranting Europhile

EU-Serf has put The Road to Euro-Serfdom into temporary suspension. Booooooo!

However, he has started a new 'blog, relevant to the Tory leadership: Anyone But Ken. Yay!

Essentially, his reasons for disliking Clarke are pretty much the same as mine and, since I'm always right, the same as yours. So, let's all go read...

Additionally, I would like to remind readers of my flawless logic in proving that Ken Clarke is not only not a conservative, but is also insane. It's proved, I tell ye; cast-iron reasoning employed to prove empirically (sit down and shut up, Popper) that Ken's a loon.

And Cameron keeps using that sodding phrase: I tell you, one more mention of "compassionate Conservatism" and I'm round to his house with a cricket bat...

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