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End austerity and hypocrisy now!

Your humble Devil notes that there has been another Corbyn inspired agitprop march today. Unfortunately, I had something else inconsequential to do, so was unable to make it.

However, in solidarity, I have designed a placard which I will have properly made up for the next march—I do hope that it will help...

Anyone else want one? I reckon that we could make quite an impact...


Anonymous said…
Probably about time there were some counter protests to Corbyn's brown shirts. I'd happily join in if at a weekend.
Lord Blagger said…
It costs £500 to register as a candidate to be an MP. For that you get one free mailshot. 78,000 voters in my constituency.

So send every consitutency a letter, formatted as final demand and a statement of account from HMRC.



Civil service pensions - you owe £83,300
Losses on insurance - you owe £16,700
Borrowing - you owe £50,000
PFI deals - you owe £10,000
Nuclear clean up - you owe £6,700
State pensioners - you owe £250,000

Total amount owed, £416,700

We apologise for our past accounting errors where we left all bar one off the books. However, we spent the money so you owe it.

Please make checks out to the Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Parade ...

Will there be an outcry? Certainly. Can't tell the plebs what MPs have done.

Fred said…
Lord Blagger - excellent idea!
Longrider said…
Lord Blagger, you forgot the money pissed away on foreign aid and teat-sucking NGOs and fake charities.
Anonymous said…
Sadly the website has been taken down.

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