Thursday, October 06, 2016

Re-joining the Libertarian Party

With our political choices narrowed so much—to, essentially, three main parties who all believe in collectivism (the only variation being in whether they take their inspiration from communism or fascism)—I have, after conversations, with other freedom-minded people, decided to rejoin the Libertarian Party UK.

I have paid very little attention to the party since I left, some years ago (2010?), although I have bumped into supporters at think tank parties. As such, I look forward to finding out how things have progressed...

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Simon Jester said...

Please keep us updated with how that works out.

The last thing I heard, one person had got the rights to the party name and was essentially shutting everyone else out. It would be nice to know iif that has changed.

On a distantly related point - did those excitingly chunky key fobs actually *do* anything, or were they just excitingly chunky for the sake of it?