Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An easy question

Iain Dale is soliciting people's answers for his LBC radio show tonight—I suggest that this might be an easy one...
7PM Coalition: Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the creation of the coalition. I want to know what you want to see the coalition do in its second year.

Well, I'd like to see them do what they promised in their first year—especially the restoration of civil liberties, cutting of red tape, slashing of the public sector and the shrinking of government.

Added to that, I would like to see elected police chiefs, the major reform of the NHS, the cutting of the tax burden, simpler taxation, the abolition of the Climate Change Act, the cessation in the persecution of smokers and drinkers, the reform of planning laws, more leaving people the fuck alone and Cameron telling the EU to fuck right off.

That'll do for starters. Next...?


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Chris: Go along with all that and then I would like them to just fuck off! In fact, correction: let them fuck off now and we'll do it without their help or input!

Mark Wadsworth said...

That seems like a good list to start off with.

Chuckles said...

Yup, Get the &*&%"%%^&^ out our lives works for me.
Oh, and 'dissolve' would be a good option too

Prodicus said...


BJ said...

That's a basis for a good constitution.

Mind you, I think we had one much like it before.

Dick Puddlecote said...

They could also offer consistency by scrapping laws they BOTH opposed when Labour were in power, but which they now endorse emphatically.

The fact that such laws number more than one is a hideous insult to the supporters of all three main parties.

Suboptimal Planet said...

It's all very grim. Especially if you watch the BBC.

With deep ambivalence, and perhaps foolishly (though not ignorantly), I actually voted Yes to AV.

Mostly I was just curious to see how many people would put UKIP or the BNP (or even the loathsome Greens) as their first choice.

But whatever the result of that unwanted referendum, I didn't feel much hope for change, so I wasn't greatly dismayed (indeed, was somewhat relieved) when the No side won (despite a rubbish campaign).

I think Tom Paine's "Party X" post is worth re-reading.

Time for more whisky ...