Monday, March 28, 2011


One of the things that makes Google so super—as compared to, say, Apple—is that all its software is "open source".

Apart from its search algorithms. Obviously.

Oh, and Honeycomb—the latest version of its Android operating system.
Google says it will delay the distribution of its newest Android source code, dubbed Honeycomb, at least for the foreseeable future. The search giant says the software, which is tailored specifically for tablet computers that compete against Apple's iPad, is not yet ready to be altered by outside programmers and customized for other devices, such as phones.

As John Gruber notes...
Guess we need a new definition of “open”.



countdruncula said...

This is nothing new, DK. Google have tended to release the source for Android (excluding proprietary apps such as gmail which come separate) after they have polished it up and are satisfied that it is of a sufficient standard. So, no, out doesn't operate like a normal open source project where community members can make an ongoing contribution, Google leads all the way. They have received criticism for this, but don't look like changing their stance.

However, once it is released, it feeds back into all sorts of community mods like the great cyanogenmod who mods parts of the system and burn in their own preferred tweaks and improvements, all perfectly legally. So, it is open to a certain extent. Personally, I am very happy with Android, far preferring it to my previous, an iOS device.

Google is evil said...

Let us destroy the "Don't be evil" mantra.
They keep every bit of information about you that they can gather. Whenever you use a service, log in or use a search engine. They live on information. And they have a political agenda. Read about it. Please.

countdruncula said...

Whoops - seems I was wrong on this one and they will be withholding the source code for an indefinite period - apparently with some bullshit excuse about how they didn't want enthusiasts having a less than perfect experience trying to run honeycomb on phones rather than tablets. The wankers! :@ Let the smugness wash over you, DK!

Anonymous said...


Premise: Apple is Good

Premise: Google is the same as (or at least, not worse than) Apple

Conclusion: Google is Good

Great! I love logic.