Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The coalition of the losers

Unlike Cramner, I have agreed with John Reid in the past—most notably when he stood up not just for the rights of smokers but for the rights of the working people whom he represents—but, now like His Grace, I find myself endorsing the words of Bruiser Reid again.

I've always felt that John Reid was an uncompromising bastard, which was a bad thing when he was advocating measures that one disagreed with but which, I feel, underpins his basic sense of honour.

And now, watch as Reid puts the boot into the Lib-Lab pact, whilst I go and scrub myself with wire-wool...


neil craig said...

He has certainly had a vast amount of media coverage.

Anonymous said...

John Reid is the old school Labour politician.
I admired his common sense stance on the Ban.
He knew a vote loser when he saw one.
Gillian Merron did not.

hrothgar said...

I wish our politicians would at least lie as well as Reid about wanting what's good for their country.

Mark @ Israel said...

John Reid may be right. He may also be wrong. The coalition might be disastrous to the country or it may not at all be disastrous. It could even do some good especially that the Liberal and the Labour Parties have gotten many votes. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.