Saturday, April 10, 2010

Independent fame at last

Your humble Devil is flattered to have been characterised—alongside a few other notable blogging chaps and chapettes—so succinctly by the Independent's Michael Bywater...
The bloke from The Devil's Kitchen is doing it by saying "fuck" a lot, and who can blame him?

Quite. Mind you, it's customary in blogging circles to link to those blogs which one mentions.

And so, in the spirit of my described trait (to which I'll add some bad-tempered churlishness), I'd like to ask Michael a question: where the fuck's my link...?

Anyway, your humble Devil will be back tomorrow for some blogging fun. Probably.

UPDATE: The Longrider comments on Bywater's snide little sideswipe...
The general gist, though is that we aren’t in the same league as professional journalists. We aren’t. We tend to be a little more careful with our facts and if we get it wrong, will openly correct our copy. We engage with readers and, generally, exercise higher standard of ethical behaviour.

When it comes down to it, the professional journalist is only a fag paper away from the politician when it comes to disinformation, failure to check facts, misleading statistics, propaganda and downright lies – so, yes, I am not in the same league at all and would need to scrub myself down with sulphuric acid and a steel loofah if I ever became contaminated by one.

Harsh but, I think, entirely fair. Although I think he misses another salient point: we bloggers will investigate stories that the journos wouldn't touch, such as ClimateGate.


The Rt Hon. Grim Reaper said...

Dale will be gutted that he wasn't named in the piece. As for Guido, he's most likely already fired off his complaint.

The Independent clearly don't understand blogging etiquette. Say what you like about The Grauniad - and I regularly do - but at least they link to blogs when they mention them.

Bobski said...

Wow, that was a really shit article from what is the minority party of the mainstream media.

It is the typical arrogance from a profession that tells you how to act, what to think, what to believe, what to deny, what to watch, how to dress, what to eat, etc.

As for the claim about fact checking, the MSM have made some famous gaffes over their facts. He chooses to ignore people like Anthony Watt who pour over stats looking for facts that most of the MSM refuse to believe.

I have no way of predicting how much, if any, influence the bloggers will have on the outcome of the election.

Every-time someone stumbles across a blog and reads something that makes them think "Wait, that was interesting. I need to find out more about that." the bloggers win, whether it is to become aware of the bigger picture than party tribalism or just enlightened to the existence of parties other than LibLabCon, Greens, BNP and UKIP.

And finally, claiming that blogs don't have much influence, fool. Iain Dale caused a panic in the MSM with an April Fools prank and Guido has been quoted several times in PMQs.

At least most bloggers let you comment and discuss their posts unlike the Independent.

wonderfulforhisage said...

For your information DK, the female of chap is chapess and the female plural chapesses. Please try and keep blogging standards up.

microdave said...

Can you say "Fuck" in a newspaper?

Martin said...

In before John Demetriou bitches about how he should be mentioned because he's faar more libertarian than you...

Boy on a bike said...

Fuck him. Fucking fucked fuckhead.

TheFatBigot said...

I'm not feeling in the least smug. No, not even a little. Well, ok, maybe that was a teensy-weensy fib.

Delighted to be in your exalted company Mr Kitchen.