Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Is anyone out there a subscriber to the HSJ journal and would thus be able to get me a full copy of this article, please?
NHS IT's local future

27 August 2009 | By Dave West

The Department of Health has quietly turned away from central control of IT. But what will replace it? And what will happen if there is a change of government? Dave West reports...

Please email me if you can...

UPDATE: thank you, duly received.

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Barry Tebb said...

To-day's rise in national suicide rates by 6% over the period 2007-08 has been rapidly and erroneously ascribed to the recession and alcohol consumption.A s carer in mental health for more than 30 years I have witnessed the erosion of mental health services with growing alarm-the closure of wards,units and especially day hospitals was bound to increase the suicide level and the excuses given are completely specious.Many intent on suicide by overdosing use a lethal coctail of prescribed drugs,pain killers and alcohol but the means and the cause should not be confused.