Thursday, December 17, 2009

Total Politics Interview

A couple of days ago, your humble Devil did an email interview in his capacity as Libertarian Party leader, the first part of which is up at the Total Politics blog.
Do you hate all other British politicians?

"Hate" is a strong word but I certainly despise most of them as self-serving idiots who have – through laziness or malice – abdicated from their responsibilities. Not only have they given away successively more power to supranational organisations like the EU or the UN, Parliament has given away its power to hold the government, the executive, to account: far too many illiberal measures are pushed through using statutory instruments or mini-enabling acts built into legislation that MPs have simply nodded through.

MPs are the only 646 people in this country who can make law, and most of them are spending far too much time playing at being social workers in their constituencies or working out how much money they can scam from taxpayers' pockets this year. So, whilst "hate" is too strong a word, "contempt" most certainly is not.

As with my blogging, I wrote the answers (in sequence) as first drafts with revisions for grammar and syntax only. And, as is usual with my writing, I got increasingly prolix—this part is just the warm-up for the second bit...

UPDATE: the second part of the interview is now up at the Total Politics blog.
The vision of the Libertarian Party is a society with minimal state interference—where individuals can live their lives as they see fit. There are more than 60 million people in this country: each one with their own priorities and their own desires. They should be able to pursue those desires in whatever way suits them best, provided they adhere to the central tenet of Libertarianism—the non-aggression axiom. This can be summarised as: "You shall not initiate force or fraud against someone else's life, liberty or property." I have often argued that this should, in fact, be the only criminal law on the statute books: the courts can decide the exact interpretation in each individual case.

How far are we from that? A long, long way. We have a government that can pass laws without consulting Parliament, let alone the people; we have detention without trial, confiscation of property without a verdict of guilt and a surveillance state growing steadily more intrusive by the day. We have had 60 years of the Welfare State which has delivered what David Cameron calls "our broken society"; people look to the state to solve their problems, they don't wonder what they could do for themselves or for others.

But, ultimately, our model of "social democracy" is not only unsustainable from a moral point of view, but also from an economic one. Our government is spending a hundred, a hundred and fifty, two hundred billion pounds a year more than it brings in from tax: that cannot continue indefinitely. And yet even the Tories do not seem to have a clue how they might cut this appalling structural deficit.

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Mr Eugenides said...

I see they used your Withnail-esque modelling pics, as well. You should have tried to work in a reference to Brown as "McFuck" and dared them to edit it out.

Greg said...

Can't the Lords still "make law"? They have legislative initiative.

Joseph Sydney said...

Speaking of the comtemptible.

A man from Turkey is accused of an 'honour killing'. A man from Scotland, by name of Blair, is guilty of an honour invasion.

Wat Dabney said...

It finally came to me where I'd seen that gazing-thoughtfully-into-the-middle-distance expression before:


BARRY TEBB said...

The Libertarian principle of doing no harm to the rights and properties of others should be borne in mind by mean spirited anti-democratic councillors like Camden's David Abrahams who orchestrated the illegal seizure of 83 placards attacking huge cuts to mental health services in the borough.The Camden New Journal gave the story no coverage whatsoever and it must surely be the most self-serving secretive and shabby freebie in the country run by bottom-of-the-hill hacks who knowingly allow a convicted paedophile-albeit under a series of transparent aliases-to attack whoever he chooses like a psychopath with a metaphorical machine gun.With his low-life friends the same man organised the theft of two council benches much loved and used by hospital visitors to the Royal Free nearby.The benches were a great help to the poet Brenda Williams,who organised the protest with her friend ,the late Professor Gertrude Falk.Andrew Way,late Chief Executive of the Free and a co-conspirator with Cllr Abrahams had to step down and rapidly relocated in Aussieland-even they don't really deserve him...A lot of very strange things happen in Hampstead-a multi-faith poster was banned from libraries while neighbouring boroughs were happy to display it.Professor David Taylor was forced out of the Chair of Camden and Islington Mental Health Foundation Trust for telling the same man to be quiet at a Board Meeting!The Home Office blocked full disclosure of the offender's sentence and only ministerial pressure can make civil servants close ranks in such an area.There is one ex-minister who stood down without apparent reason in the summer and there is a strange chain of connexions linking a former CE of the same trust,the ex minister and the ex-offender.Just what is goiing on and why has it been allowed to go on for so long? Barry Tebb

Anonymous said...

It gets worse.To-day 61 year old OAP poet-protester Brenda Williams in Camden has had 43 "Stop the NHS cuts"seized by a Camden Planning Officer,Robert Molinari,who had no written authority and yet was backed by two council heavies and two police officers.As the whole of Camden is against the cuts I can only assume there is more to this than meets the eye.My constant blogs,letters inthe press and complaints to NHS power-brokers are putting the wind up those who have secrets.Why did the Camden police borough Commander.Dominic Clout,fail to investitate,the indecent images of underage Sri-Lankan rent boys on the hard drive of the main frame compupeter which belonged to the now closed-down Camden Mental Health Consortium ,run for a decade by a convicted paedophile who served several years In Leyhill prison ,a fact that can be verified on the Hansard Database? Why did Professor David Taylor fail to get the backing of the Camden and Islington Trust Board when he told that same convicted paedophile to be quiet at a trust board meetinng?Why did the same Trust Board's Corporate manager suddenly resign when he has a family to support?Why did the Royal Free's ex-chief executive suddenly depart for Australia?Not even the leader of Camden Council knows what is going on and why.Of course I may be a conspiracy theorist but history is basically the history of succesful and failed cospiracies.After a decade of politic-watching I confess I do not know why a set of jackals is hell bent on destroying one OAP,quiety protesting against cuts to the NHS with the protection of the 1998 Human Rights Act long on the statute books.Events have causes but these events,which I witnessed to-day,beggar belief.There is something very rotten in the borough of Camden.Barry Tebb