Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Neil Craig nails it.

In debunking the ludicrous "plane crashing" AGW analogy, Neil gives us a suitably alliterative moniker for the CRUddites:
"a mob of Mystic Megs"

UPDATE: Should have done this properly in the first place...

Dear Sir,

I cannot help remarking on the extraordinary resemblance between Professor Phil Jones, esteemed proprietor of the Climatic Research Unit at UEA, and Mystic Meg, the sultry predictress:

One is clearly a charlatan using methods cloaked in secrecy to peddle ridiculous notions broadcast via a compliant press to a gullible audience and the other... err...

Coincidence? No, there must be supernatural forces at work.


paul said...

I see ... a barbeque summer ... followed by a mild winter ... the number 2500 is important.

The Pedant-General said...

Stop it. It's just too much.

Katabasis said...

Don't forget the Register's variant - 'The Mystic Met Office'.

Anonymous said...

The met office are in it up to their necks as well.

DocBud said...

Nice one, Paul, though I'd suggest the number YAD061 is perhaps more important.

They are both lining their pockets by deceiving the gullible (though Mystic Meg is not getting the taxpayer to do most of the lining), so the only real difference between the two seems to be that there is not currently a conference with 20000 attendees discussing the imposition of global government and drastic measures that will harm the global economy in response (in part) to one of Mystic Meg's ridiculous notions.

Anyway, must rush, today is a good day for decision making:

"The moon in your truth chart helps you judge other people's feelings and motives accurately.

This helps you make good decisions."

AsYouLikeIt said...

I'd simply go for
"Climate Scientologist"

ukipwebmaster said...

This just in from Copenhagen - Viscount Monckton joins UKIP:

ukipwebmaster said...

Now mentioned in Strasbourg: