Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ClimateGate: pulling it all together

I have been meaning to do a comprehensive summary of the CRU emails and other documents but, via The Englishman, Jo Nova has done an stunning job.
Mohib Ebrahim has created professional timelines for exhibitions, so it must have seemed only natural to him to want to visually piece together the full timeline of ClimateGate, laying out the analysis, graphs, emails and history of the scandal as revealed by dozens of researchers over the past weeks, months and years.

You can download the PDF, which gives you a massive chart two A0 pages in size: I want to get someone to do a large format print of this for me, so if you know anyone who would do such a thing relatively cheaply...

Further, Assassin Science has assembled a close analysis—with excerpts—of all of the CRU emails for your perusing pleasure. Highly recommended.

There are some other aspects of all this that I shall be focusing on soon; but whilst I collect my thoughts, why not nip over to EUReferendum for the beautiful story of Big Oil and IPCC director and millionaire businessman, Dr Rajendra K Pachuri...?


Mr said...

A friend (GW-believer) who went to the Maldives for Christmas remarked that if they get submerged in the coming decades, it is their own fault for attracting large amounts of tourists, having large numbers of private generators on every island and spending £2 to import a can of Coke by who knows how many planes and ships.

mister_choos said...

I can print it out on A0 paper for you if you don't mind waiting a while for it.

Anonymous said...

New paper falsifying AGW.


MathsArtist said...

did you get it printed in 2 side of A0? I can do so for a small amount to cover costs... email me