Monday, November 23, 2009

UPDATING: a list of The Kitchen posts concerning the CRU Emails.

And, just as a reminder, feel free to browse the searchable database.

UPDATE: posts are going to be a little more spamodic, as I am talking to other people about the analysis of the actual data.

UPDATE 2: Bishop Hill is still trawling the emails and I've added them to my post.

I am away travelling across the country with work for the rest of this week—typical!—so any updates are likely to be brief and sporadic. I do hope that my colleagues will keep the momentum up on this...!


James Higham said...

That would have taken some work.

Johnny said...

It won't change anything - it's SOP for government-funded science: another example, the EPA and the whole "2nd hand smoke" / "passive smoking" BS.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Anonymous said...

What's happened to your Richard North post DK?

Devil's Kitchen said...


I memory-holed it for the moment: it was just a bit gratuitous and I thought that it's bitchy feel detracted from the importance of the other posts.


Anonymous said...

A very insightful comment on Slashdot which says that it doesn't matter if AGW is true or not, we should follow the same political strategy

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the way the MSM have suppressed this story.
Proof that we live in a society controlled by the thought police ,no doubt about it at all now.

Anonymous said...


Ok, cheers, I was just about to leave a comment slightly in North's defence that I think his whole blog in general seems to have lost its sparkle, ever since Lisbon was ratified and the death of a close relative.

Anonymous said...


It's not November 23 by the way

Devil's Kitchen said...


I know: that's just a way of sticking the post to the top of the stack.


Shug Niggurath said...

Crazy! I wrote the CMS for my day job stuff and it's not possible for anything to appear with a future date. Seems sloppy to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised Guido has had nothing to say on the matter cept for a Daily Mail link to the story. After all this issue could go much further than mere useful idiot climatologists. The stakes here are massive and bigger than any MP expenses scandal.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, good stuff, we may have fallen out over something else (I'm not sure what) but you were the first person who alerted me to the fact that this might all be a big hoax, back in 2007 or so.

History has proved you right, I would say.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Not fallen out at this end—though I still disagree with LVT!

I don't bear grudges over such stuff: life's too short!


AD627 said...

As the MSM reaction - or lack thereof - demonstrates, there is a real risk that all this gets brushed under the carpet. If that happens, the same bunch of manipulative cheats will be writing the next report that requires us to give up any hope of economic progress.

Do we know enough about FOI and its enforcement to ensure that the Britons who have avoided complying with the law can be prosecuted?

Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, good stuff. One favour I have to ask is what URL should I cut and paste into my blogger bloglist for your blog?

I have always had your normal URL in there, and it stopped updating for new posts months ago.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Hmm, try putting the www. in front of it. Otherwise, if it's a feed URL that you need, use



Nick said...

BBC have picked up on the FOI aspects of it.

Apparently they are under investigation for denying FOI requests. It would be really funny for them to have replied to the commisioner, and now have the inside dirt dished. If they are different, UEA and the CRU are in for a hard time.

assegai mike said...

The Reg (bless 'em) has it covered:

I put them in the twilight zone between MSM and non-MSM. Report by Andrew Orlowski, a good fellow (albeit somewhat Mac-sceptic last time I looked :-))

JD said...


westcoast2 said...

George Monbiot's reaction is suprising
GM Guardian


Bodderick said...

The only way there is going to be the type of society that readers of this Blog will appreciate is for there to be an Anarchist inspired "reboot" of the system.

assegai mike said...

Monbiot's reaction *is* surprising. And possibly encouraging. Putting a brave face but not convincing. If he ever came onside that would be a mega-scalp for the forces of good.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, ta, that works now.

mister_choos said...

From an e mail from Stefan Rahmstorf to Keith Briffa:

"Nobody knows what the real 1500-1899 mean was, so this is a fictitious baseline."

Anonymous said...

Can you advise please (bearing in mind I is dead thick where PCs are concerned) but when I click on

UPDATING--a list of The Kitchen posts --etc all that happens is a refresh--I can't get your list at all.

Any ideas.

FrankFisher said...

Biggest story in the world - and the Mainstream are entirely supressing it. I wrote about this on Sunday morning - we're in trouble.

This is *clear* evidence of a conspiracy to warp science, and gag opposing scientists, AND of the world's governments and media to supress that information.

It really *is* a global conspiracy. Bugger.

bella gerens said...

@ Anon 10.46:

You're not getting a refresh, you're getting a page containing all the posts with the label 'CRU emails'
- with the most recent at the top.

Hope that helps.

Stringy said...'s_Most_Popular

The republicans have picked up on it, this can only grow...

FrankFisher said...

"The republicans have picked up on it, this can only grow..."

Yup - out of the cowed, British media's hands now. Hahahahaha.

Another vcitory for glorious Bloggerstan!

Phil said...


Thanks for the link to the WSJ... I just loved one of the terms used for AGW Alarmists: 'Warm Mongers'

Kinda says it all really.

Nick said...

BBC have picked up on the climate part.

Not a completely outrageous article, picking up on some of the valid points, in particular that its going to run and run. Namely every climate statement, Blogistan is going to weald the axe of Biffra Mann and Jones.

I haven't had a reply yet from the Chancellor of UEA on my complaint. ie. Did he also realise they had been economical with the truth when it came to FOI requests