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Your humble Devil is off to the Inspiral Lounge -- some hippy cafe --
to debate the merits (or otherwise) of capitalism.

Guaranteed to be weird, I think...

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John Demetriou said…
Are you in the company of any lefties?

If so, be sure to update won't you!

THIS Inspiral Lounge?

"Part 1 of the multi-stage Ekopia Project, this shatilicious space in the heart of London's Camden Town will give wandering souls a place to come and relax, share a story or poem and learn a trick or two about leading a more sustainable existence in harmony with the world around them.

• The inSpiral lounge is also a daytime eco café that trades in healthy organic vegetarian foods, raw juices and much more, aiming to inspire about healthy nutrition and beyond about the positive effect on nature that our choice to eat healthy has."

Bloody hell. Good luck with that.
dingleberry user said…
"Sent from my iPhone"

I thought for a moment I was reading Miss Piggy's blog - "moi pretentious?"
Martin said…
Twenty minutes ago, there was an immigration post here.

Where did it go? Was I seeing things?
JuliaM said…
No, you weren't.
SaltedSlug said…
And very angry it was too.

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