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No shit.

Today, we have another stunning anouncement from the University of No Shit Sherlock.
The UK chancellor's forecasts on the economy are "too optimistic", a committee of MPs has said.

The committee also concluded that "the balance of probability errs on the side of bears probably 'going poo-poos' in the woods" and that, all other things being equal, "the Pope is, on the balance of received reports, probably a Catholic".

Fucking hellski, remind me: what the fuck do we pay these people for...?


James Higham said…
Pissing on your chips - like it.
Dave H said…
I prefer "do Mears shit in the woods?"
Lawson Narse said…
Blears shits in the Observer.
Joe said…
We pay them, so they can rip off as much as they can, before we kick them off the trough

Btw did anyone see PMQ, was quite funny to see all the Torys standing and telling Gordo to call an election and him saying back not one of the questions are about policy then one of the Tory backbenchers asked a question on policy and he pretty much ignored it.

Can we shoot the cunt out of a cannon now? :D
CryBaby said…
How much more stupidity do we have to tolerate?
steveshark said…
How much more stupidity do we have to tolerate?

Ooh...fucking loads more is my best guess...
Anonymous said…
Boots and snappy snaps, and your ID card. what the hell is going on.
We pay them because we have no choice. We don't pay them for doing anything. This people simply live off the state, like ambitious dole scum.

Fuck 'em all; a bunch of vacant cunts who are good at one thing and one thing alone - sponging off the state.

Faust said…
I the committee weren't Labour dominated (8 out of 14 members), their conclusions might've been more scathing.

Nick Ainger MP Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire Labour
Mr Graham Brady MP Altrincham and Sale West Conservative
Mr Colin Breed MP South East Cornwall Liberal Democrats
Jim Cousins MP Newcastle upon Tyne Central Labour
Mr Michael Fallon MP (Sub-committee Chairman) Sevenoaks Conservative
Ms Sally Keeble MP Northampton North Labour
Mr Andrew Love MP Edmonton Labour
Rt Hon John McFall MP (Chairman) West Dunbartonshire Labour
Mr George Mudie MP Leeds East Labour
John Mann MP Bassetlaw Labour
John Thurso MP Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Liberal Democrats
Mr Mark Todd MP South Derbyshire Labour
Mr Andrew Tyrie MP Chichester Conservative
Sir Peter Viggers MP Gosport Conservative
jonathan said…
Don't you mean shoot him WITH a cannon?
I suggest this beauty--
subrosa said…
Wish you'd stop changing the web design, I'm at that age that these things confuse me :)
Anatolie said…
I am gled i dont live in Brittain.

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