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The kiss of death

It really is all over, bar the shouting. NuLabour is so fucked that Charlie Clarke—the fucking Safety Elephant himself—has finally learnt the meaning of the word "shame".
Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has told the BBC recent events have made him "ashamed" to be a Labour MP.

Well, I can understand that (although I don't see him resigning in disgust. Unfortunately).

As regular readers will know, your humble Devil is no fan of this bastard. So now Clarke knows how I feel: I am ashamed to be part of the same species as that illiberal, disgusting jug-eared cunt, frankly.

The only thing that prevents me from resigning from the human race is the fact that the Safety Elephant is so fucking stupid that he cannot possibly be a member of Homo sapiens—he must be an inferior version, an as yet unidentified primitive in the evolutionary chain.

Still, it's nice to know that the fat bastard is suffering, eh?
Mr Clarke said he had "worked half my life to get Labour into a position where it could be a good government and I do see that fading away".

Yes, Charlie: your life has been a miserable failure. Now why don't you fuck off and kill yourself?
It comes as ex-home secretary David Blunkett warned of a "catastrophic" collapse in trust and urged Mr Brown to regain the political initiative.

What is it about former Home Secretaries that makes them so bitter? Come to think of it, what is it about Home Secretaries that they are so fucking useless and authoritarian when they actually have the power to do anything, and so fucking whiney when they've been sacked, eh?
Downing Street denied Mr Brown had been damaged by this week's events.

Downing Street is obviously living in an alternate reality. That's assuming that they actually have a grip on any reality.

Fucking hellski...


saucepan said…
O/T ASH caught lying again:
JuliaM said…
And the hits just keep on coming... ;)

More please, and faster!
you've hit the nail on the cunting head!
The Penguin said…
Feeling ashamed won't stop the pie-stuffing wobble-arsed having another huge dinner which he'll claim on expenses. I'd like to see the porky bastard force fed until he exploded, like that dog-loving critic in Theatre of Blood.

The Penguin
Francis said…
The safety elephant isn't alone.

That petition is doing jolly well. ABout 10,000 additional signatures today
Anonymous said…
A word of caution:these have never been McHoons friends. They are the same old boring fuckers who had a go last time and McWanker just ignores them "and gets on with the job".

There is still a chance that McShit will pull something out of the bag but little chance of Chas Clarke or the tosser Livingstone doing so
Anonymous said…
A gentleman would resign.

The point is therefore moot. These people are Labour. They obtain their support from the poor, whom they keep that way, the client state, whom they employ producing tractor production statistics, and people like that cunt Toynbee, who no doubt flicks her wrinkled little bean at the thought of the state exerting its control.
Chalcedon said…
Whatever Downing Street says, the opposite is true. These twats would recognise the truth if it bit their collective arse. They live in their own little bubble, all cosy and immune to reality and the famous 'court of public opinion.

A quick canvass in the pub and everyone wants then to just fuck off and have a general election now.
Chalcedon said…
FFS WOULDN'T recognise the truth
Anonymous said…
I saw a film where some Clarke Cunt turned out to be Superman, but I don’t think Charlie was in it.
Mrs. Charles Clarke said…
You'll be pleased to know that I don't swallow.
The Bear At The Table said…

This is how labour spends your money.
Chris Paul said…
Charles Clarke should be chucked out before he gets the chance to leave ... an arse of the highest order.
Blind Pugh said…
There isn't an MP in the House of Commons that would feel shame, not even if you threw a pail of shite over every one of them. Better to throw a pail of petrol over the hungry cunts and let them burn.

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