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Daily Referendum's righty piss-up

The Daily Referendum has organised a righty blogger piss-up this afternoon. Your humble Devil is going to wander along and expects to get a bit pissed.

There may be more posts—of a drunken nature—later on. Or not.

UPDATE: thanks to Steve (pictures on that link) for organising this. There were some good people there yesterday, most of whom I had not met before. The Dude was on fine form (and we rehearsed a number of our well-worn arguments), as was Croydonian (always good value). It was great to meet Daniel, Mark (who I appear to have converted to our cause), John Ward, Simon, A Man in a Shed, Mostly Safe, the Boiling Frog, Tory Poppins, and... er... some others.

No offence intended if I haven't listed you: I have a very poor memory for names and, frankly, with every pint disappearing as though it were a thimbleful, your humble Devil ended up being a bit pissed.

Anyway, it was all good fun and I shall most definitely go to the next one—which will probably be in September or so. But I may not bring Mater Devil this time...


Werner Patels said…
Off-topic, but just sharing: on Iain Dale's radio show yesterday, it was suggested that Devil's Kitchen be invited to come on the show.

So if they approach you, say yes. I think it would be a great idea.
Anonymous said…
Apparantly you took your mum.

How lovely.
John M Ward said…
Yup, the Devil's Mum was there too. Just as well: I scarcely recognised him within the horns showing, but his mum gave the game away…

It was good to see you again. It was a great day for a get-together and I think it went OK. See you at the next one.

I see you got yourself a convert yesterday. Mark of "Mark's any Musings" has joined your party. You silver tongued Devil.
Daniel1979 said…
It was great to meet the Devil too, and likewise I over-indulged a little on the ale.

See you at the next one!
Jackart said…
It was good to meet mrs Devil and Mistress devil too!

See you again soon!

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