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Bastiat Prize

Yes, it's yet another admin post, I'm afraid. Your humble Devil is going to plug the International Policy Network's Bastiat Award for online journalism, simply because I liked the email invitation—which I reproduce verbatim—that accompanied the generic email shot... [Emphasis mine.]
Dear Devil

IPN is delighted to announce that this year's Bastiat Prize is now open—including our new $3,000 Online Journalism prize—which individual DK contributors will hopefully consider entering. We could do with some really good swearing in this year's shortlist.

It seems more important than ever to celebrate those who defend political and economic freedom. We hope you will consider participating—and help us promote both prizes with a mention on Devil's Kitchen?

Your humble Devil has ridiculed those who cannot be arsed to get their email campaigns right—it seems only fair to plug those who have made some effort to be creative.

The submission deadline for entries is 30 June, and all of the other (quite reasonable) rules seem clear enough—especially...
  • Self-published articles and blogs are eligible.

I must say, I do fancy a shot at a $3,000 prize—although having a sweary entry win it would be even more fun...


Anonymous said…
How can you, you don't swear you just mumble,you go all white and the next thing you know,you have a halo above your head.
Mrs Dale's being insulting over at his place.
Bishop Brennan said…
I think the Filthy Smoker's latest post on Fake Charities should be nominated - almost as good as your article on prostitution.


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