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Very sorry, but the blog's come under a rather sustained spam attack, so I've switched the blog to registered users only for a while.

I will switch back to allowing Anonymous comments once this little lot dies down.

UPDATE: sorry, but the spammer is using a Blogger account and so I have had to lock comments down completely. Bizarrely, there seems to be no way to report a spammer's profile to Blogger, only spam blogs.

Sorry to cut the conversations short, but I can't deal with this level of spamming (some 80 comments in the space of less than ten minutes).

UPDATE 2: comments are back on, but I've put moderation on (for the first time ever) for the moment.

UPDATE 3: now back to the usual settings.


Simon Dyda said…
I just got 20 from some twat from Taiwan
Prodicus said…
I got 5 in Chinese script.
Shug Niggurath said…
Found that a lot of Google owned stuff has poor admin backup, and I don't mean that they should employ hundreds of admin staff to deal with what are free services, but trying to find the correct form for the correct complaint or support ticket is a nightmare.

I think it's to do with them being a bit of a modern microsoft and just buying up existing toolkits and tweaking them just enough to work alongside their own crap.

You'd think it'd be easy enough to give you a tool to block account holders who fuck you off.
Chalcedon said…
Sorry to hear of this. There are some right twats out there. You must have touched a nerve.
The Penguin said…
I like trolls, shows you're annoying someone which is always a good sign.

The Penguin
Carl Gardner said…
I had a this on Head of Legal a few days ago - from a Blogger splog generating spam in I think Chinese characters. Very annoying.
Simon Dyda said…
Yes, I caught him in the act. Taiwanese IP.
The chinese ones are terrible
WernerPatels said…
These are the kinds of people I'd love to be able to electrocute by remote control. Say, if they're sending spam to my site, a lethal charge would be sent back to their computer.

Same thing for those who call me at dinner time with their nonsense.

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