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The Sound of Stupidity

Image c/o Cambria Politico

The hilarity surrounding Hain's Obama moment continues, this time ensnaring the Welsh Secretary and the First Minister of Wales who - according to Hain's "exciting new Labour supporting website" - had given the site these glowing endorsements:
"This brand new political website is definitely one to watch!"

- Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister for Wales

"I welcome this important new initiative. We must not surrender the internet to our opponents."

- Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP, Secretary of State for Wales and Minister for Digital Inclusion

The BBC's Vaughan Roderick asked the First Minister a few awkward questions concerning that endorsement during a news conference yesterday:
Vaughan: "Do you regret giving a quote to the website and have you asked the people behind it to apologise to the Deputy First Minister?"

Rhodri Morgan: Let this be the only further question on the website. Look, let's be clear. There was no advance authorisation or awareness on my part or the Secretary of State's part or Labour Party Wales' part of the plans to develop this website. None whatsoever. So the website was developed by a team of Labour supporters as a way of getting into new media engagement...a lot of excitement after the Obama election victory and everyone says "oh isn't it brilliant the way they've done the new media engagement the way they've got all these websites springing up from everywhere" and you know they've had a go at doing it. Now,you know, we were not aware they were doing it, didn't approve the contents, weren't aware of the contents, style or anything whatsoever. So you know that's all I can say.

Vaughan: But you gave them the quote. You gave them the quote.

Rhodri Morgan: Pardon?

Vaughan: You gave them a quote. They quote you on the website.

Rhodri Morgan: Yeah, but its very naughty of the BBC to imply that quote could be construed by anybody as implying approval or endorsement of the content or the style of the website. Since I haven't seen it or read it or had any foreknowledge of it it is very very naughty to imply that the content or style of it has in some way been endorsed by me. Now it hasn't nor by the Secretary of State nor by the Labour Party Wales. Now that's it. This is not about the website this morning. I've said what I've got to say and I've criticised the media for implying I'm associated with this content. I am not associated with this this content and that's it as far as I'm concerned. OK. Least said soonest mended. That's the only question on the website. I'm not going to say any more about it. This is not about the website. this a government press conference not a party press conference, ok?"

The gravitas is killing me.

UPDATE April 2nd: Pants On Fire

It turns out (surprise surprise) Rhodri Morgan actually did have "foreknowledge" of the website. Compare and contrast:
"There was no advance authorisation or awareness on my part or the Secretary of State's part or Labour Party Wales' part of the plans to develop this website. None whatsoever".

Paul Murphy is described as being "livid", but then that's nothing new.

Meanwhile Peter Hain maintains that the site is:
"a daily must-check website for anyone who wants to know what's really going on in Wales. It is a brighter kind of blog, a rare commentary in the digital age that is not mired in the pettiness and nastiness of many other blogs in Wales and elsewhere."

Compare and contrast.


Anonymous said…
Jesus fuckery. Is there any chance we could have a bit less Simon Dadaism and his Welsh windbaggery and a bit more Devil's Kitchen?

I'm sure that old Simon's posts are important and impressive to all the sheep afficianados out there, bach, but to the rest of us, look you, they're pretty much a waste of electrons.

Less Dyda; more DK.
Simon Dyda said…
Is that you, Peter?
Plato said…
The Great Orange one didn't give his endorsement WTF?

I have a screen shot of it on my website from 27th March.

Yet another parallel universe moment.

La la la - it didn't happen because I say so - la la la

wv realer!!
Shug Niggurath said…
Hahhaha it was linked to on their independent labourlist thingy by Hain!
Anonymous said…
peter or not, i concur
Anonymous said…
Will this lot be going on tour?
Oh my god, what a lame defence.

"I know I said it, but that doesn't mean I meant it".
pond life said…
As a sheepshagger myself I'm amazed that simon can find the odd interesting story about welsh politics. I did n't think they existed.

off topic can I just say what a pompous cunt Ieuan Wyn Jones is. Just had to share that with someone. Thanks
hi... nice your site.. thanks. :)
The Penguin said…
Maybe it lost something in translation?

The Penguin.
Simon Dyda said…
Maybe it lost something in translation?

No translation involved, Penguin. Vaughan questioned the FM in English.
Simon Dyda said…
Rumours that tonight's Dragon's Eye is going to be highly embarrassing for the First Minister.
Anonymous said…
Simon, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please stop.
Simon Dyda said…
Ah, the return of the Welsh Labour anonymong.

Anonymous said…
I am neither Welsh (thank the fuck Christ) nor a Labour supporter, Simon, so you can drop the paranoid fantasies that you're at the centre of a GRATE KONSPIRASY.

You've taken an interesting, informative and challenging right-wing blog that provides a unique voice....and you're turned it into "This week in Cardiff, Dai Evans gave Llewellyn Evans a funny look".

Your posts are barely relevant to the tiny minority of people who do live in Wales. They go beyond irrelevant for the rest of us. Set up your own blog and blog about provincial Welsh nonentities to your heart's content but please stop shitting up Devil's Kitchen with this unmitigated stream of parish council wankery.
Simon Dyda said…
Dear Anonymong

I was asked to join the DK team last year because The Diabolic One wished to have some coverage of events in Wales.

It is true that my posts have little relevance "to the minority of people who do live in Wales"., but then that's true of political blog entries in general.

If you don't like it, take it up with him.

Or don't, and carry on throwing your toys out of your pram. Personally I couldn't give a flying fuck.

Yours provincially

Anonymous said…
Gargle my nutsack, you sheep-bothering fucktard.
Anonymous said…
Simon needs to be introduced to the concept of Unwarranted Self-Importance because it seems like he has a pretty advanced case of the disease.
Simon needs to be introduced to the concept of Unwarranted Self-Importance because it seems like he has a pretty advanced case of the disease.

I prefered "Gargle my nutsack, you sheep-bothering fucktard", personally. It was funnier.
Fucking cunty bollocks said…
A bit fucking harsh to Simon don't you think?! You don't have to read the posts he writes. Just ignore them if you don't like 'em. Kind of like the random TPA posts.

Simon - filth up your language and the kids will like you more. Fucking cunty bollocks - see? Easy.
pond life said…
I love you simon. you are nice.

Was dragons eye a shit as normal? I could watch it because of lambing. no really.
Simon Dyda said…
Thanks PL :D

I added the only relevant revelation from DE last night to the bottom of the post. No surprises really.
Andrew K said…
Rhodri Morgan's ringing endorsement seems to have disappeared from the site, as has Peter Hain's enthusiastic promotion. They must have been hacked. I had best let Rhodri know.

I note that their comment moderation policy remains intact, despite their never ever having allowed comments on the site.
Minister for Digital Inclusion?

I know I've got a filthy mind but please tell me there isn't a minister for sticking fingers up people's bottoms.

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