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Quote of the... um... Week...

Counting Cats in Zanzibar is no fan of NuLabour politicians and, in excoriating them, writes one of the finest lines to be seen on any blog, anywhere... [Emphasis mine.]
They are all scum. I am not prepared (for legal reasons) to say in public what I really want to see done to them but it would be Chinese in it’s ingenuity and Afghan in it’s brutality.

Quite, quite beautiful.

All I want to know is—does it involve cockroaches and japs-eyes...?


Verity said…
Flawed only by the apostrophes.
John Buckingham said…
Indeed. Would it be Moronic in its misuse of punctuation?

Have never been here before, but would be interested to know how the values of the Libertarian Party are going down with the UK public. Or is canvassing beneath you? Would that infrige people's freedom not to give a toss? Does actually working to get your people elected infringe your freedom to sit on your backside carping instead? There's nothing more self-indulgent than cynicism.
Kevyn said…
Not for the first time Verity gets to a blog before me and writes the comment I would have written.

Chalcedon said…
The Ling Chi is too good for these bastard politicians.

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