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Quote of the Day...

... here and, as Samizdata points out, just about everywhere...
"I wasn't lying on purpose."

—Derek Draper on Channel 4 News (already nailed down as the defining soundbite of today by Iain Dale)

Really? Is it something pathological, Derek? Why don't you psychoanalyse that, you fraudulent, lying bastard?

Derek Draper really is a disgusting little shit.

In the meantime, please excuse me whilst I go and lie down: I think that my sides have split from laughing and laughing and laughing at that mendacious fuckwit...


Anonymous said…
Oh well, at least he has a degree to fall back on when he gets the boot

Dick the Prick said…
Brilliant - excuse of a 4 year old and one who'd still expect to get a bollocking.
the a&e charge nurse said…
Surely after a decade of spin the boundaries between what is real and what is NOT must begin to blur ?
Or perhaps Draper's treatment at the Priory (even though a private sector provider) was not all it was cracked up to be ?

Incidentally, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are NOT synonyms - Draper is not a qualified psychologist, let alone psychoanalyst.

Sadly there is no mandatory regulation of the 'talking industry' - anybody with a couch and an address in NW3 can have a go.

Personally I think it's time the Devil started charging for the indispensable therapy he provides.
Devil's Kitchen said…

"Personally I think it's time the Devil started charging for the indispensable therapy he provides."

Steady on: that was getting close to being complimentary... ;-)

Anonymous said…
DK, do your labels actually mean anything any more? Aren't DK applauds wildly, general hilarity, good deeds, jubilation, pompous demagogues, screaming nutjobs, self-parodies, shameful corruption, stinking hypocrisy all more or less the same thing?

Captcha: fumin
neil craig said…
"I wasn't lying on purpose."

Same line Penny Marshall used when she sued LM for saying ITN faked their Bosnian "concentration camp" video. It worked for her so you never know.
Joe said…
Just watched this clip from Sky and the twatting reporter kept refering to it as the "bloggersphere".

Sorry just one of those things that annoys me.

wv: pricalar
cookie said…
I think I may have once shagged his missus.

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