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Paranoia of the day

Jacqui Smith: still a hideous, cheating scumbag.
Now with added special pleading and paranoia.

This is quite incredible...
I'm being picked on just because I'm a woman, says Jacqui Smith

No, we're picking on you because you're a crook.

Or, as Timmy puts it...
No love, we're not picking on you because you have a twat but because you are a twat.

Or, to oblige Timmy, it's because you are a toothy, stinking, corrupt cunt—not because you have a toothy, stinking, corrupt cunt.

And, seriously, if that's the best excuse that you can come up with, why don't you just bugger off and die, you evil old whore...


Old Holborn said…
Oh, DK

Old Holborn has unearthed OXFAM as a Labour SCAM
John Demetriou said…
Your articles make me piss myself mate, high class, well done.


Roger Thornhill said…
For JS to say that she is being picked on "cos she is a woman", I suspect it says more about her than about her alleged tormentors. It is a borderline sexist remark right out the gate.

Fact: Her Redditch home is her family home. Let us not for one second forget this. That home is one she lives in with her husband and children. Claiming ANY and I mean ANY upkeep is utterly unacceptable.

She also says with her sister. Her sister would incur almost ALL the costs of the residence regardless of if Jacqui was there or not.

Is Jacqui suggesting that her sis would be taking in lodgers? Unlikely, but even if so, how much per month? £400, £500? £600? That would cover costs of wear and tear. Any more than £400 and her sis should be declaring it as income as per HMRC rules and it would be taxed. I wonder if that has been filed.

Seeing as this is a room at her Sisters, she can hardly begin to claim furnishings that would be required for entertaining. Remember Air Horse One and her gazebo "for entertaining"? Well, at a stretch ( or is that a neck? Brass, I suspect) and the excuse was shakey, but it was there, nonetheless.

In Jacqui's case the excuse does not exist. Not even a shadow. There is NO justification for claiming furnishing of the family home and NO justification for claiming for furnishing her sister's place. None whatsoever.

She is now making herself look stupid, greedy, infantilised and a host of other pejorative terms.

Then the crack about her wealth. Well, I have been working with a very wealthy person. They have residences, vehicles, facilities that I do not. Am I able to claim from the HMRC allowances because someone else can cut their costs or has assets to make their travel or work cheaper? No.

She is hunting for justifications to try and bluff her way out of this hole she has been digging for years.

As I have said before, she is someone who, if the kindest interpretation is to be used, appears to be incapable of differentiating between doing only what one should and doing what one can (get away with).

In that she is unfit for office.

I would not even trust her with my dinner money.
Vicola said…
Oh for fuck's really grinds my gears when women in power start spouting the 'poor 'ickle me, they're being mean because I'm a girly' shit. I'm a woman working in a male dominated field and had my employer found out that I was putting utterly ridiculous items through on my expenses and embarrassing the company in front of the world then he'd fire my ass, be I man, woman or a cross between the two. And rightly so. Timmy is spot on with what he says.
Her pleading will be rightly ignored by anyone with a sense of decency and integrity. She is playing the system, she is maximising her gains from a corrupt expenses system, she failed to check her own expenses claims - she is a crook, plain and simple.

The only question now is does Gordon Brown move her to a safer seat for 2010 or let her become a high profile casualty?
Anonymous said…
I wish she'd just "waddle" off .
Chalcedon said…
The only reason Jackboot Jacqui got the job of home secretary was because she is a woman. It was seen as the 'right on' pc thing to do, to have a woman as minister of state at the home office. So shut up you silly cow. You are being picked on along with 645 other thieving scoundrels now the venality and money grabbing activities of MPs is in the open. Go and have a lavish lunch at not more than 5% of what it cost last week. I'll be making do with fish and chips.
Captain Swing said…
What next a tearful press conference saying that it is all down to PMT.
She really is a hideous old trout isnt she?
Handy that thick quicks sacking has taken her off the front pages isnt it.Im sure there is no connection at all.
Calfy said…
What an embarrassment to my sex. Yuck.
talwin said…
In the same way that Guido has cartoonists Rich & Mark occasionally to adorn his site, is there no-one you may approach who might embellish this thread by executing a likeness of a toothy, stinking, corrupt cunt. Now that would be worth seeing.
Mark M said…
I see she misses the whole point of it. The system isn't there for you to get as much money out of it, it is there for you to be able to run a London home and a constituency home.

Whichever home YOU make the taxpayer pay for, WE have a right to know everything about it. Whether your husband enjoys visits from Mrs Palm when you are out, or whether you are a cheapskate who charges the taxpayer for a bath plug, we have a right to know.

Perhaps if you don't want to be picked on, don't screw the taxpayer out of money. Cow.
subrosa said…
Aye she is an embarrassment to any self respecting woman but she doesn't worry me. It's who is pulling her strings that worries me.
Sir Compton said…
She also said in the past day or so that she was not a woman of independent wealth, the sub-text being "We're not Tory toffs, you know". I've yet to meet an MP who is on his or her uppers, and the only one I can remember in recent years who didn't have much money was Terry Fields, the old Milly from Broadgreen, who drew a "worker's wage" from his salary and gave away the rest.

At least poor, blundering plod Bob Quick had the sense to quit the moment he realised he had no credibility as an authority figure.
The Penguin said…
Stop being so diplomatic, Devil, tell it like it is.

The Penguin
Robin said…
So is theiving Jackie going to allow female criminals to plead in court that no investigation into their immoral activities should be allowed on the basis it`s discrimination ?
Assistant Commissioner Robert Quick QPM (Ret.) said…
And I always fucking hated it when you called me Bob. You stupid cow! That really started to grate on me after awhile.
I'm free! Free at last! Free from the stupid bitch! The plan worked!!
I might buy a pub in Redditch and call it 'The Stupid, Greedy Labour Bitch'
I might write an autobiography and show it to the media (from a distance). Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy!!
Aunt Jemima said…
I tries once to puts marriagewanna plants and vibraters on my 'spense accounts at work. I was chuurrch secreterry. It whutn't good.
Anonymous said…
The Second Home Secretary keeps defending her 'second' home but it's utter bullshit. When I needed to be closer to my job, I moved. Why can't she and all the other trough eaters? Preferably away from politics.
Boombastic said…
Top posting! Being married to that bitch its no wonder that her hubby has to rub a few out with the help of pornos.

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