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The Green Calculator - what's your bill?

Note: I am not the Devil!

Over at the TaxPayers' Alliance we've become increasingly concerned at the amount of so-called green taxes that people are made to pay. Some, like Vehicle Excise Duty or Fuel Duty, are quite well known but increasingly there is a large, hidden burden of taxation and regulation hitting people's pockets, such as the EU's Renewables Directive.

In order to help reveal the full extent of the burden of green taxes and regulations, we are today launching the Green Calculator, which lets you work out your own bill, even down to the specifics of what car you drive and how much you drive it.

The calculator is custom made for viral distribution, so you can host your results, linking buttons or the calculator itself on your website or blog. Enjoy!


Jon said…
utterly awesome.

I don't fly or drive and still I find a hefty % of the gas and lecky going straight to government...

third sector style - not even companies can escape!

Stan said…
My car isn't listed - a late 2001 Alfa Romeo 156 2 litre auto (selespeed). Stop sniggering - it's been wonderfully reliable!

The government's database for late 2001 is quite thin. Try selecting the same car in a more recent year. Your car is included in 2004 and the tax treatment of the two won't be much difference as their engines will be of similar efficiency.

ukipwebmaster said…
Go nowhere fast with the Greens:

Hat Tip - Bloggers4UKIP
Verity said…
These green issues are a chimera fashioned by the left. Wherever there is obsession and injustice, you will find the political left. The heart of darkness.
Anonymous said…
Verity, that's why they're known as "melons" - green on the outside, red on the inside.
xplod said…
That was my anonymous above - damn google blogger thingy forgot me again
Not a sheep said…
Anon 07:01: Surely "watermelons" not "melons"...
Stan said…
Thanks for the tip, Matthew - that worked. It didn't tell me anything I didn't really know though - and I still won't be trading it in for a G-Wiz no matter how much of a bribe they offer.

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