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The continued fall-out

Iain Dale reports—contrary to Dolly Draper's continued assertions—that McBride's anti-Tory sleaze allegations were out in the semi-public domain...
We keep being told the McBride/Draper emails were never meant to see the light of day. Bollocks. I couldn't mention this before, but since Nadine Dorries has talked about it on TV this morning, I now can.

Some time ago I received a tearful phone call from Nadine. She had just been rung by a leading political editor who put two horrendous allegations to her. It is now clear where he got the tip-off from. The RedRag website may not have physically existed, but its content was being maliciously spread around by its putative creators. Nadine thinks that the site was planned because the newspapers wouldn't run the stories. I strongly suspect that the allegations relating to Osborne and Cameron had been doing the rounds too.

This is, of course, all hearsay and may or may not be true—although your humble Devil believes that it probably is—but it seems that the one-eyed Scots git's letter of apology is being widely hailed as totally fucking inadequate.

One of the more amusing facts of the case is Guido being consistently described as...
... the "author of the "anti-politics" Guido Fawkes blog...

Given that EUReferendum seem to be somewhat worried, of late, that the BNP are securing the "anti-politics" vote, perhaps Guido has enough traction to start an anti-politics political party to take votes away from the BNP...? Erm... Maybe not.

In any case, this very sharp article by Stuart Sharpe describes why the Tories should be wary of Guido too.
As the congratulations are passed around the blogosphere after Guido’s victory over Damian McBride and Derek Draper, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is not a victory of the Conservative Party over Labour. This is a victory of People over Politics. And it’s a victory which should make all politicians, not just Labour ones, buck up their habits and start fearing the blogs.

Despite the claims of many observers, Guido Fawkes is not a Conservative blogger. He is a trouble maker, and he doesn’t care who he causes trouble for. His politics have a right-wing bias, but his tactics are not partisan. Guido goes after Labour because he wants impact. Ministers and their Special Advisers hold positions of far greater importance and responsibility than opposition MPs. Their conduct ought to be impeccable, their independence unquestionable. They should be beyond reproach – “whiter than white”, according to the promises of one Mr Anthony Blair.

In short, ministers make rather excellent targets.

The Conservative Party shouldn’t expect any special favours. In government they will receive no easy ride nor free pass from the blogs. Certainly not from Guido or Devil’s Kitchen or any of the other supposedly ‘right-leaning’ sites. These bloggers are not on the side of the Conservative Party; they’re emphatically not, as some left-wingers still seem to think – backed or endorsed by the Tories.

This will all be put to the test soon. I don’t see how Gordon Brown could win an election at this point, and if David Cameron becomes Prime Minister he’ll be met with a whole new problem – he’ll find that the blogs who used to be on his side will suddenly turn on him like a pack of ravaging dogs.

Quite so. The thing that some on the left (and, to a lesser extent, the right) constantly miss—especially when they assert that it is far easier to blog effectively when in opposition—is that libertarians such as Guido (as he is emphatically described by Brian Mickelthwait), your humble Devil and any amount of other bloggers is that we are always in opposition to the government because we are always in opposition to the state.
And if they don’t, I for one will be bitterly disappointed.

There are a few libertarians who are willing to give the Conservatives a chance, on the grounds that they might be better than NuLabour, or that it might be possible to drive Cameron's merry men to a more libertarian position; your humble Devil is not one of these.

As I have said many times before, provided that I have not blogged myself out or the state not shut The Kitchen down, then your humble Devil will continue to rant and swear at the corrupt politicians, our mendacious media pundits, our pathetic toy parliament and the ever-increasing power of the EU project.

There will be some who will sigh in despair at this reassurance—"will that foul-mouthed bastard never bugger off?"—but there will be some, I hope, who look forward to the ride...

UPDATE: Charlotte Gore details Liberal Conspiracy's awkward week, whilst darling Sunny flails about in the comments with gems such as this...
I didn’t realise the dedication to free speech meant I had to tolerate abuse and trolling on our blog too.

It’s a funny misreading of the concept of free speech if you think deleting abusive comments is somehow against that.

No, Sunny: it is you who have "a funny misreading of the concept of free speech" if you think that indulging in comment censorship is, in fact, free speech. You are free to do what you like with comments at your place, but don't try to pretend that your arbitrary, unilateral modification and deletion of comments is anything to do with "free speech".


Anonymous said…
keep blogging.
John Gibson
Bill Sticker said…
The Conservatives have nothing to fear from bloggers if they've done nothing wrong. On the other hand......
JD said…
The thing is , the conservatives are not of te 'right' anyway, have no clear position and muddle along in a seemingly haphazard, slightly oppositional manner with nothing more than a mongrel political agenda. They, like Nulab, do not operate from a position of any principle. Anyone who does not act on principles is an easy target for someone that does, like Guido, yourself and the other blogs that are fast becoming the true voice of opposition in British politics.
Keep up the good work - it is getting better all the time. JD
Chalcedon said…
It is almost a moral duty to give the government of the day a hard time to keep them on their toes and remind them when the Emperor has no clothes!
Rayatcov said…
Gordon Brown is a Fabian communist, who was assisted into politics by the Scottish Communist party, according to Paul Routeledge, his political biographer.
The Miliband communist roots have recently been laid bare. The
grandfather Samuel served in the Soviet Army, whilst their father Ralph moved to the safety of Britain. He later become a leading name in the Marxist movement.
Tony Blair, Son of barrister Leo Blair who was secretary of the Scottish Young Communist league 1938 - 1941.
David Cameron. Dig deep and rather strangely, we find Cameron connected to a range of socialist organizations. These include Common Purpose and the Young Foundation.
The connection between the two is ex Demos Geoff Mulgan, who operated Demos as a pro-labour think tank for the benefit of Tony Blair.
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne
has been working with Demos over the past months on a series of seminars on the ‘post-bureaucratic age’.
How can the Tories be working with a pro-labour think tank established and supported by Blair?
Nick Clegg, Son of a half Russian banker father, his aristocratic grandmother fled St Petersburg after the Tsar was toppled. Did they know the Milibands?
Clegg has been a political consultant and adviser to top Tory Sir Leon Brittan, 1996-9, as well as being a product of pro-EU training at the College of Europe Bruges 1991-1992 and as a European Commission official 1994-6.
CountingCats said…
but don't try to pretend that your arbitrary, unilateral modification and deletion of comments is anything to do with "free speech".Gotta disagree with you there. So long as I don't try to get the state to control what people are and are not permitted to say, I am at liberty to control what people say on my blog in any manner I wish. That is a matter of property rights, not speech rights. Ditto with Sunny. He can exercise full control at his place without falling foul of speech principles, as can you.
The Penguin said…
Sunny is so up his own arse he doesn't know if it is day or night.

The Penguin
Zaphod Camden said…
Since we have no clear opposition in Parliament and haven't had for quite some time, the scrutiny and criticism of what's going on there has to come from other sources, so I say keep on doing what you're doing, DK. I may not see eye to eye with you on every issue raised here, but you're always an enjoyable read and certainly make me think - particularly on the issues where we differ.
I look forward to the ride, DK. Keep it coming.

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