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Quote of the day...

... comes from Bella Gerens, writing about Atlas Shrugged and The Grauniad's screaming inconsistency.
People rabbit on about social responsibility, reducing inequality, and eradicating poverty without ever acknowledging that the productivity and profit-motive they condemn are the very things which make global prosperity possible. And that’s not even taking into account those occasional types who seem to loathe the idea of prosperity! The human race has spent the last three thousand years fighting its way out of the filth and misery into which it was born to reach a state of being in which literally anything is possible. We had the minds to do it three thousand years ago; what we didn’t have, until the last couple of centuries, was the leisure to think. And people condemn thinking as bad, and progress as evil, because it leaves others behind. Sacrifice is preferable to gain; a low quality of life for all is preferable to a shitty quality of life for some.

What these socialist murderers of their own posterity desire is for us all to sacrifice without reward, metaphorically to throw ourselves in front of a bus because it might save a stranger, to produce without incentive and achieve without reward, to see the good of our fellow man as better than and separate from our own good, to give without enjoyment and receive without gratitude, and to continue doing so until we reach the only possible state of equality that exists: death.

Do go and read the whole thing...


The Objectivist-activist groups are monitoring the anti-Rand media kickback that we've experienced.
I can't cite anything because I'm not supposed to circulate it outside of the mailing lists, but most Objectivist thinkers seem to agree that the bad press isn't that bad.

In fact, it is ridiculous - anybody that would be convinced by such asinine smears is not somebody worth having on your side. The purpose of the articles is just so that the already prejudiced can reaffirm their detachment from reality.

Let them burn in the hell they created: reality always wins the argument.
As a "negative" gun nut I reckon we should just shoot all the looters and moochers.

Then again, a life following in the footsteps of Ragnar Danneskjöld could be amusing.
Rob said…
Of course, the 'equal' low quality of life never seems to apply to the Socialists themselves. Socialist societies end up with the Toynbees et all firmly established on top and in luxury, while the mass endures the consequences of the elite's utopian worldview, and with no way of escaping it.
Ben Holden said…
Strawman bashing, yawn.
FlipC said…
Am I the only one who finds it amusing that someone commenting on Atlas Shrugged considers that we haven't had the leisure to think until only the last couple of centuries.


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