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Just a standard leg-over this time

Nigel Griffiths: cheats on his wife, fucks you up the arse.

It seems that Nigel Griffiths, who we have met before, has been caught with his trousers down and his cigar out by the News of the Screws.
A SENIOR Labour MP cheated on his wife in a midnight sex romp INSIDE the House of Commons.

Former minister Nigel Griffiths, a close friend of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, cavorted with a naked brunette in his Parliamentary office on Remembrance Day.

Then the shamed MP, 53, LIED about the shock breach of Commons Rules of Conduct, branding our story “outrageous.” Now he stands accused of bringing the House into disrepute.

Griffiths could not have chosen a more shameful date for his sordid House of Commons sex romp— Remembrance Day.

Whilst MPs fucking people who are not their wives is hardly anything news-worthy these days, there are a few points of interest.

The first is that Gordon Brown was best man at Griffiths' wedding, and young Nigel has been wheeled out to defend the Prime Mentalist (with whom he also used to share a flat) on a number of occasions. As such, this is going to make the Gobblin' King look like a prize cunt—and this can only be a good thing.
But his family and colleagues will be sickened to learn how he CHOSE to stay late at his desk on Tuesday November 11, 2008, just to cheat on his loyal wife—and to capture the scene in pornographic photos.

The pictures, dated by the camera’s digital clock, show Griffiths and the brunette taking part in sex games from 11.35pm to 12.33am, early on Wedenesday November 12.

The porno picture session continues until 2.24am. At one point Griffiths is seen naked and smirking as he lies back and puffs on a cigar.

Second, he appears to have shown a breath-taking arrogance when confronted with his misdeeds.
But when asked about his secret sex session astonishingly Griffiths chose to brazen it out by denying everything and storming: “Absolutely groundless!”

We asked if he wanted time to think over his response before committing himself on the record. He replied: “No, I don’t need time to think about it.”

When we pointed out we had incontrovertible evidence, he claimed: “Fabricated evidence! You must have some fabricated evidence! Outrageous! Absolutely outrageous!”

He then said he needed to “take counsel.” But 16 days later we have yet to hear from his lawyer.

In the meantime we have offered Griffiths numerous opportunities to respond to our story but his only reply has been a text message saying: “I have nothing to add to the statement I gave you. NG.”

Still, it is hardly surprising when, despite being another one of those thieving bastards who deliberately defraud the taxpayer, he has managed to become a minister.
It’s not the first time Griffiths has been in trouble.

In 2002 a Commons standards committee found he had been claiming £10,000 a year expenses, since 1997, for rent on an Edinburgh office that he he OWNED outright.

It emerged the money had been paid into a trust fund he set up for his autistic sister Hilary, 56.

Griffiths also failed to disclose the £227,000 fortune left to him by his late father.

But despite the complaint being upheld, and Tory calls for him to resign, no further action was taken after Gordon Brown, Chancellor at the time, waded in on his pal’s behalf.

Third, however, is the behaviour of the News of the Screws; after all, this all occurred back in November and, whilst I suppose the journos might only just have received the photos (presumably from the lady in question) it seems an odd time to publish.

Could there be another motive, I wonder: something that prompted the release of these revelations at this point?
Ironically he is a respected member of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, scrutinising the way government handles its finances.

And Griffiths’ repeated denials of misconduct come as another Commons committee is considering “Press Standards, Privacy and Libel” amid speculation that Parliament might introduce tough new privacy laws.

Such legislation could mean that newspapers who expose errant MPs misbehaving in their private life would be PROSECUTED.

Ah, I see: he wasn't playing ball, was he?


richard allan said…
Shades of Werner von Blomberg in this one!
Henry Crun said…
Perhaps the knives are now out for Gordoom. Rather than publicly crticise and campaign against the PM, the movers and shakers are removing his closest allies.

I seem to remember that back in '97 one of the papers were about to run a story about a senior Labour figure who regularly watched couples having sex whilst he sat in their bedroom but the story got spiked. Wouldn't be surprised that if this senior Labour figure was a Brown ally that it suddenly appears in the press soon.
Its worse than that he was smoking too.
Mac the Knife said…
"The porno picture session continues until 2.24am. At one point Griffiths is seen naked and smirking as he lies back and puffs on a cigar"

Filthy bell-end voted for the smoking ban as well I understand...
Anonymous said…
Oleg Gordievsky once said that there were only two groups on the planet who were capable of finding out the most closely guarded secrets: the KGB and the British tabloid press.

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