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They like us: they really like us!

Via The Englishman, another one of those Britain disappears from EU map stories. With a twist.
Britain has "disappeared from the map" of Europe in a controversial European Union sculpture to be unveiled on Monday in Brussels.

The Czech Republic, current holders of the EU presidency, has commissioned a large scale "provocation" for the Brussels building of the Council of Ministers which hosts national leaders during summits.

The installation takes the form of a giant jigsaw map representing the "clichés and stereotypes" of each of the EU's 27 member states by different national artists.

Conservative Roman Catholic Poland is depicted by a sculpture of priests raising the rainbow flag of the gay movement, subverting the iconic image of the American soldiers planting the Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima.

France, despite the efforts of President Nicolas Sarkozy to reform its labour laws, is represented by a map of France covered with the inscription "Strike!".

The Netherlands is shown as having sunk beneath the sea in the aftermath of climate change and all that appears above the waves are the minarets of mosques, an explosive reference to the country's high levels of Islamic immigration.

It seems to me that most of these are rather unkind mockeries of the other countries of the EU; if Britain doesn't feature, your humble Devil takes that as a compliment—the Czechs must like us!

You know, I think that this Czech EU Presidency is going to be a bit of a giggle...


Anonymous said…
Perhaps Britain's absence is the joke.
Earthlet Nigel said…
He's not Mister popular with many in government in his home country, however the electorate love him cos he speaks his mind, and calls a spade a commie.
The have tried to sideline him from the start. There was a good article about it on Timesonline
Anonymous said…
for an alternative background to Mr klaus you might try

was he an informer for eastern bloc intelligence?

who does he work for now?

what is the truth about the pardon for corruption?

where did he get his millions in the swiss bank account?
Roger Thornhill said…
was he an informer for eastern bloc intelligence?

who does he work for now?

what is the truth about the pardon for corruption?

where did he get his millions in the swiss bank account?

Sounds like he'd fit right in at the EU Commission!

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