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Freedom of Information (Parliament) Order 2009

EDM 492—primarily sponsored by Jo Swinson—is now up on the Parliament EDM site.
EDM 492



Swinson, Jo

That this House notes with concern the provisions in the Freedom of Information (Parliament) Order 2009 to remove the expenses of hon. Members and Peers from the scope of the Freedom of Information Act; notes that this Order singles out hon. Members and Peers in a special category as the only public officials who will not have to disclose full details of their expenses; further notes the High Court judgement of 16th May 2008 and subsequent reassurances to hon. Members that expenses would be published in full by autumn 2008; further notes with concern the regressive effect of this Order on parliamentary transparency and the detrimental impact it will have on Parliament in the eyes of the public; and calls on Ministers to block or repeal the Order in the interest of hon. Members' and Peers' accountability to members of the public.

Also displayed are the names of the 32 MPs (4.95% of the total) who have so far signed the EDM. Why not have a look and see whether or not your MP is a mendacious, duplicitous, corrupt, thieving cunt?

Mine obviously is...

UPDATE: it seems that Gordo has issued a three-line whip. What?
Gordon Brown is to order Labour MPs to back a controversial plan to exempt details of MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act.

The prime minister will impose a three-line whip on the vote, raising the prospect of a backbench rebellion.

No 10 said details of expenses would be more open than ever but critics accuse it of a plot to conceal MPs' expenses.

Surely, o you monocular shitbag, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, right? You fucknut.

UPDATE 2: or is Gordon withdrawing the statutory instrument entirely, as Benedict Brogan reports?
The Government has withdrawn the Statutory Instrument that would have exempted MPs from FoI requirements on expenses. Gordon Brown claims that Tories have pulled out of a cross-party deal to introduce the change. The suggestion from No10 is that up until yesterday the Tory and Labour Chief Whips were agreed that the Tories would vote with Labour in favour of the scheme. In effect the accusation is that David Cameron took fright when he realised what that would mean for his stand on transparency. The Tories are expressing mystification, suggesting that there was no deal.

Does anyone—including Bastard Brown—actually know what the fuck is going on?


Scott said…
Mine has, but only 'cos he's standing down at the next election
Angry Exile said…
I checked both my old MP and the one for where I'm registering as an overseas voter. It appears both are thieving cunts. Do I win five pounds?
Dennis said…
I'm surprised that John Leech has signed. That name would be better applied to those who haven't.
TheFatBigot said…
My MP is there, well done Jeremy Corbyn (can't stand his politics but applaud his honesty).
Mine is there
Unbelieveable...........where did he find the backbone.
Hate him with a passion but hats off on this on
Do you think that was an about turn by mad Gordon in PMQ's over this little titbit of a subject or wishful thinking on my part?????
Anonymous said…
Do you think the Wintertons have signed? :-)

More generally, why is Brown taking the risk of whipping this? It looks terrible politically, so presumably the alternative is worse: something dodgy in a senior cabinet member's expenses? (*cough* Balls).
Bishop Hill said…
News breaking that Brown has withdraw the SI.
The Penguin said…
Gordon bottled it as soon as he found out that the Labour Party were all alone.

The Penguin
Guthrum said…
Well Done DK, a scalp in not a small part to you I think

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