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The Roberts Report

This video, much like the Tories in Wales, has absolutely fuck all to say.

As expected, the Roberts report reveals that the Tories are about as progressive as a stick in a bucket of shit when it comes to the question of further devolution for Wales. The conclusion of the review on Conservative Party policy towards Welsh devolution is that there should be a review on, er, Conservative Party policy towards Welsh devolution.

Such dithering on devolution was to be expected. This is after all the party of rabid Brunstromophobe David Jones, Arch-mentalist and leader of True Wallies David Davies and the even more obscure Stephen Crabb. Clearly the views of the party's AMs and its leader in the Senedd are of no consequence. We can now look forward to seeing just how subservient Tory AMs are to David Cameron, and just how irrelevant they are to Welsh politics.


You say "Brunstromophobe" like it's a bad thing? The man (Brunstrom) is the original weapons-grade cock-end.
Ordovicius said…
You say "Brunstromophobe" like it's a bad thing?

That's because it is.
You say potato, I say Brumstrom's a cunt.

Let's call the whole thing off!
Ordovicius said…
Fair enough. But I actually live in North Wales, and it's thanks to Brunstrom that the North Wales Police have been transformed from being perceived as a mistrusted army of occupation to being a very effective, efficient force that has the respect and trust of people in North Wales, Welsh and English speakers alike. What the likes of Jones and the cretinous Tami don't like is the fact that Brunstrom actually respects Wales and has addressed the needs of the local population, and not just the incomers.
sperm lewis said…
Welcome in the hillside: a misery memoir by Sperm Lewis, it is.

I was born in Rhondda Cynon Taff of parents and we lived in this cottage, see, and it were 'ard, Dieu, it were 'ard. Our mam eventually got pissed off with making everybody's tea, see, so one day she just got up and walked out. And after our mam walked, out our dad thought we were missing her, see. So what he used to do at teatime was to put on a our mam's dress and our mam's wig and serve us our rarebit dressed as our mam to remind us of our mam, see. Only he'd just come back from his shift, see, so his face was all black and he was wearing our mam's wig, so us kids weren't fooled for a minute. Mind you, it was a nice thought and our auntie Nesta said there's lovely. But then one day, our dad must have got pissed off with making everybody's tea, see, so he fucked off too and us kids were left on our Jack Jones for a week cos there were no social services in those days, see. Anyway, eventually auntie Nesta found us roasting the dog and thought we were missing our dad, see. So she used to come in at teatime and go upstairs and come down in our dad's dungarees and our dad's Humphrey Davey with the light full on and serve us our rarebit, dressed as our dad see, glaring around like a fucking cyclops she was ...
That's jolly good, sperm ... want to give it a full airing? :o)

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