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Bullying bastards

Your humble Devil went for quite a lot more than a few drinks with PigDogFucker last night, and jolly good fun it was too. So, this morning I rose bleary-eyed and now, having fortified myself with fruit juice (alcohol leaches Vitamin C from the body) and coffee (ah, caffeine, beautiful caffeine!), I am ready to turn my jaundiced eye towards the news...

And, via The Englishman, I find this piece of council excrement.
Street market inspectors were ordered to target a convicted "metric martyr" and his sister while ignoring other traders working in pounds and ounces because council officers wanted to "teach them a lesson".

Three former Hackney Council inspectors have told how they were instructed to single out Colin Hunt, 60 - one of the original metric martyrs - and his sister, Janet Devers, 64, for "enforcement action" because the pair had campaigned against the ban on imperial measurements.

One ex-inspector, who worked for Hackney for four years, said: "The manager told us that we had to teach Janet and Colin a lesson and focus our enforcement efforts on them rather than any other traders who used imperial measures or sold goods by the bowl. We knew it wasn't fair, but if we objected the managers just said we should do as we were told. They made it clear that we had to pick on Janet and Colin even though they are good traders with a long history in the market."

Mr Hunt was convicted of using imperial measures in 2001 and fought an unsuccessful High Court battle on the issue in 2002.

Mrs Devers was last month convicted on eight similar charges by Thames magistrates last month - a case that prompted the Government to announce new guidelines that would effectively ban such prosecutions for "essentially minor offences". However, the use of imperial weights remains technically illegal.

This is absolutely fucking disgusting; indeed, it perverts the entire idea that everyone is equal under the law. Sure, it's a fucking stupid law and should never have been introduced, let alone enforced. But... if you are going to enforce laws, then you must do it to everyone equally.

The managers at Hackney Council are a collection of bullying, fucking cunts and I hope that they are incredibly ashamed of themselves—they should burn in hell. However, since they probably don't have any shame, let's not wait for hell: burn the fuckers now. Publically.

Actually, hang them gently and then burn them, whilst they're dangling. Much more appropriate. Especially if we shot arrows into them at the same time.

Disproportionate? I don't think so: these people will serve as a warning that we will not tolerate the abuse of power by public servants.

So, hang 'em and burn 'em and shoot 'em full of arrows. Let us, in fact, get mediaeval on their arses...

Or, at the very least, they should be named and shamed: I want to see their pictures spread across the newspapers with "these people are corrupt, bullying cunts whose abuse of power is shameful. Please throw rocks at them" as a caption. These people have abused the power that we have lent them and absolutely proved that they cannot be trusted: they should lose their jobs and be publicly shamed pour encourager les autres...


Is this for real?? Totally insane.
Martha said…
One thing I never understood about these prosecutions was why all the major supermarkets can sell peppers by the bag... go and look it's always 3 for £1 or 4 for £1.30 some packs contain small ones some large ?????? so why didn't we ever hear of Tesco's being done?
Sam said…
As a resident of Hackney I am often lost for words when faced with the epic, cunty, lunacy of this bunch of pinko muppets.

Recently during a stroll I was ocnfronted by a large council funded poster. Said poster was encouraging council tenants to join a new scheme which would render them eligible to win prizes. What did they have to do in order to qualify? They had to pay their taxpayer subsidised rent to the council on time.
Dave said…
Excuse me- but what happened to the concept of "public" or "civil servant"?
Since when did these fuckers become our masters?
They are our servants. Full stop. So why can't we tell them what to do?
Wearysider said…
The original metric martyr 'Steve Thorburn' (deceased) I grew up knowing as the local the fruit and veg man from the market.
The subsequent plight of the 'Metric Martyrs' opened my eyes to what the EU really meant for our country.

Indirectly this same interest is how I discovered The Kitchen originally.

From the outset it was about 'setting examples' these trumped up little Merkels should be tasered in the eyes until their eyeballs pop.
Ex-Pat Alfie said…
Mr. Balakrishnan is the man with the agenda.
With a name like that why am I am not at all surprised?
Chalcedon said…
Such a shame they aren't interested in makig examplers of the yobs and criminals infesting our society. This is so utterly trivial. Typical of council officials to pick on soft targets. If you are a pikey and set up an illagal camp, they will send officals out to you with your social security money in cash. I despair.
roman said…
As a Labour redoubt for decades, Hackney Council has been a cesspit for decades - a friend in a senior finance position there years ago nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to fight the corruption, and gave up in the end rather than take the promotion he was offered.
Roger Thornhill said…
One word for this: Cowards.

Some may suggest these "managers" - vile squits of the worst water - be tied to the back of a pick-up and dragged to the courthouse. Via Nanking.
Bishop Brennan said…
DK, Roger,

These punishments aren't anything like bad enough.

These people need to be subject to similar harassment for doing perfectly legitimate things until they top themselves. Only then will they know what it's like to be an ordinary citizen in this country...

Under scumbag socialist leaders, fucking awful.
Anonymous said…
All council tax payers for Hackney insist on the resignation of cunty Balakrishnan

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