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... for the lack of blogging—I have lots to say, and no time to say it. Well, actually, I do have some time, but I am fiendishly tired and have thus been unable to find the energy to sit myself down at the keyboard.

The first half of this week was absolutely bloody awful, although the second half was excellent. However, both halves were exhausting.

I am off to York tomorrow for the first UK Libertarian Party AGM, which should be a lot of fun. I shall try to send a few snippets via my iPhone, but no promises.

I hope to get back to writing—a lot—at some point on Sunday (I need my catharsis!).

Until then, toodle-pip!


Old Holborn said…
Alas I won't

I've thought long and hard about it, and have met most of the founder members, including you Chris.

It is my party of choice. It represents my views.


I'm going to be a right, royal, imperial pain in the fucking arse to the crazy 646 next year. Not a day will pass without me tapping on the shoulder of one or more of them. Not a day will pass without me sending them a warning that they are OUR servants.

I need to work on my own. I don't want a consensus, I don't want a vote on what I do, I don't want to report to a committee. I'll do what I do. And trust me, the LPUK may be grateful of the distance between me and them when push comes to shove.
TheFatBigot said…
Get your finger out man! I'm having to read the crap I write, it's just not good enough.
Anonymous said…
Not a day will pass without me sending them a warning that they are OUR servants.

I'm sure they'll be shitting themselves.
Which cartoon character are you going to dress up as next ? Donald the fucking Duck ?
Or given the high level of internet geekery prevalent amongst libertarians, the Linux penguin ?

The only way things will change in this country is via a military coup and that's not looking very likely.
Bishop Brennan said…
I think I might have an idea about how you feel DK... (although I suspect that I'm somewhat lazier than you)

But don't give up blogging - there would be a lot of us who would miss you. And I wouldn't want to see it taken out on the cat (figuratively speaking, of course)!
John B said…
"It is my party of choice. It represents my views."

I thought LPUK was broadly, erm, libertarian, rather than anti-immigration hard right...?
Anonymous said…
Obvious troll is obvious.
Roger Thornhill said…

Shame we could not meet at York. Maybe some other time in London or environs.

You know your own mind and if you have your reasons, I am not one to doubt them one iota. Your gut feel has been on the money enough times IMHO so all I can say is follow your nose.


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