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Tidying up

The bane of the blogger's life (apart from the fact that Polly fucking Toynbee is still alive and being paid to write) is the sidebar, which always gets really cluttered up.

As you can see (provided that you have Javascript turned on, of course), I have used a wee script to hide things.

The categories are still pretty much the same, and all you have to do is to click on the header link and the information in those categories will be revealed (I have left some open by default). And simply click the header link to close them up again.

So, otherwise, as you were. A review of the Cambridge port and wine party is coming soon...


wonkotsane said…
Fair bit of lag loading the sidebar now.
Devil's Kitchen said…
The lag was always there -- it's just more noticeable now. But at least the main text loads quickly enough.

John B said…
(apart from the fact that Polly fucking Toynbee is still alive and being paid to write)

Yeah, right - if she went, that'd approximately halve the daily number of "aaagh, kill this lefty idiot TO DEATH" right-wing blog posts, *and* stop y'all from pretending that all lefties were as daft as her...

(I can't think of any left-ish commentators who claim Mad Mel is representative of The Right In General, whereas doing so for Pol seems entirely par for the course.)

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