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Via Iain Dale, it seems that our monocular cunt of a dictator Prime Minister might be thinking about dragging Britain into the Euro.
Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Luxembourg Finance Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told German newspaper Rheinischer Merkur the U.K. will consider adopting the euro once the credit crisis abates. "The British prime minister had to beg to be let into the room in which the euro group was meeting," Juncker told the newspaper in an interview published today. "I'm sure that when the storm is over, the British will think about whether they shouldn't become an equal in all decision-making bodies."

This may be wishful thinking on the part of the hideous Junker, who is a loathesome little federalist. However, one never knows: perhaps Gordon is considering it?

After all, after the fiasco engendered by the last eleven years of his stewardship, he must be running out of ways to fuck our economy: joining the Euro would ram the last nail into the coffin of the British economy.

And, of course, it would spell the end for the last vestiges of our autonomy...


Windy blow said…
Godron the Glum begging to get into a room? Like, on his knees and crying and really whimpering?

Wow, I'd pay to see a film of that – and buy popcorn too.
Trixy said…
The EU will use the financial crisis to force Iceland to join the EU (It had already started back in August, according to anti EU politicians in the country).

Why not use it to get the UK to join the euro also? Most people in this country have a tiny grasp of economics (shame so many of them are in the Treasury) and are more concerned about paying their mortgage than they are about freedom and liberty.
According to the crap we were served before we were dragooned into the eussr,there would be no flag,no anthem and no euro,but as we see the flag is back so too the anthem,it is just a matter of time before we are forced into the euro,do you suppose that the leader of the marxist party will give us a referendum on the issue?
Isn't it the case that we must have a referendum on adoption of the Euro?

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