Friday, September 26, 2008

Testing out Blogger's email publishing...

... so that I can blog from Birmingham on Monday. I wonder if it works: this is merely a test.

However, if I have set it up right, I should be able to send updates from my iPhone, which would be excellent (and mean that I don't have to search for some expensive Wi-Fi...

UPDATE: yes, it does work, although formatting might look a little odd.

UPDATE 2: just as a swift reminder, I shall be taking part in a panel debate entitled "Freedom and the internet", with Dizzy, Guido and Mad Nad. Oh, and Iain Dale is chairing it: when I asked him if he was looking forward to it, his response was admirably brief.

It should be fun and, if you'd like to attend, you do not need a Conference pass.

And if my drinking schedule with Guido after The Plan launch is anything to go by, the day should involve a lot of booze...


Mark Wadsworth said...

you do not need a Conference pass.

Like this chap?

Dominic Allkins said...

Evening DK.

Sadly can't make the conference (in Germany on business)... but looking forward to your report.

Please you got the blogger email posting working.

wonkotsane said...

I should have gone really with it being down the road but ... it's the Tories, what's the point? Camoron could announce that he's putting income tax up to 75p/£ and slaughtering all the first born males and people would still vote Tory.

The Devil and Guido out drinking in Birmingham ... that would explain the convoy of Threshers trucks I've just seen heading for the M6.

Bob said...

Used a Nokia N95 GB with a bluetooth keyboard. That was quite good, especially when I got high speed internet access on the phone for an all in (phone calls charged separately but cheap) monthly charge of less than £20.

Blogging software comes included with the phone.

Have just upgraded to an Eee PC1000 because the phone browser is really too small and doesn't render pages fully, plug the phone in with a cable, or via infrared, or bluetooth and it makes a brilliant modem on which you can still take calls.

Just found out that if I phone up the day before travelling I can have high speed internet access anywhere in the world for £5/day.

Mobile Internet has finally arrived.

Femme de Resistance said...

Try BlogPress - it's an iPhone app.

It's not free, unfortunately.

outbound filtering said...

Other blogging platform also supports posting via email.