Monday, September 22, 2008

Remembering Dead Italians

(Note - I am not 'The Devil's Kitchen')

In 1936, Gaetano Salvemini wrote of Italian fascist economic theory that "the State pays for the blunders of private enterprise... Profit is private and individual. Loss is public and social."
I can't think of a better description of Hank Paulson's Great Dead Cat Bounce Gambit. Liberty is dead.


Oswald Bastable said...

Dead dagos- best kind!

Anonymous said...


The Italians aren't dagos. Spaniards and their colonial offsprings in the Americas are dagos.

Italians are wops, guidos or eyeties.

Spaniards, Italians and all other Mediterranean types are greasers.

Fabio said...

Hear the limeys speak...

Salvemini's ideas have entered into the economical programs of many parties all over the worls, even.

Panopticon Britain said...

Yes, that's because ALL politicians, all over the world, are secretly fascists.

Stonemason said...

pathetic crud .....

Doctor Syn said...

The Italians aren't dagos... Italians are wops, guidos or eyeties.


Pat Nurse said...

Oswald and Anonymous - Did you intend to be so offensive?

As someone of Italian descent, I can tell you that I am not a dago, wog, wap, guido, Itie, or greaser.

Shame you can't intellegently discuss the very worthwhile cause of liberty and the rise of fascism without using racist terms.

Anonymous said...

@Doctor Syn

Fuck Urban Dictionary. Diego isn't an Italian name, you fucking mongoloid. What are you a doctor of - advanced retardation?

@Pat Nurse

Get knotted, you fucking wop. Don't you have some Ethiopians or Libyans to string up? Shouldn't you be fingerprinting Albanian children?

Mr Eugenides said...

Despite myself, and God forgive me, I laughed out loud at that last comment.

moi said...

Hack. Cough. Sputter. What hurts more? The sting of a ripped bandage or a decades-long festering wound? Just Say. No. To the Freakin. Bailout. It's what Jesus, I mean Mises, would do.

Pat Nurse said...

I laughed out loud too despite the fact I should have been offended and probably would have been had I not realised that Anonymous has obviously got tourettes, ... or maybe a warped sense of humour ....perhaps he or she is just a weirdo but then who wants to get into name calling.

... and, sorry, Anon, but no. I don't have time to string up anyone because I'm too busy fighting persecution in the UK for being a smoker. ...

V said...

The idea that we shouldn't be rude to people because it might offend is frankly stupid.

There is nothing personal in calling Italians greasers or whatever - I am not even writing it in Italian, so how could it be considered offensive?

Calling a whole nation by their nickname is just a tradition we have had for generations - trying to change it is the offensive act because it betrays our heritige as coming from a small town, with its fear of strangers!

SO, which one of you Politically Correct types is going to be the first to appologise for stealing Oswalds right to his / her's tradition of free speech?

Yes, sadly liberty really is dead and has been replaced by a petty attitude of nice!

Doctor Syn said...

Sorry, Anonymous.

Of course you know best. All those Americans who use Dago to refer to Italians are of course fucking retards, because of course only your definitions of cultural epithets are right.

I bow to your superior knowledge, you fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

@doctor syn

Gargle my nutsack, you high-yella man-whore.

Find me one fucking Italian called Diego, you fucking shit-eating pigfucker of a nonce. Find one. Stupid worthless cunt. Fuck off and die in a fire.

Anyone citing fucking Urban Dictionary as an authority automatically loses the argument - unless the argument is "Who is the biggest cunt?", of course.

I once know an eyetie who was so Italian he thought a bigamist was a large fog. He was a cunt too.

Anonymous said...

@ v

You're a cuntbubble and you know it.

Anonymous said...

@ mr eugenides

Khaire, o nothe. Greeks: inventors of homosexuality and still its biggest practitioners today.

Pat Nurse said...

V - you are absolutely right about freedom of speech and the right to be offensive.

I did find anon's comments a bit shocking because they took me suddenly back 30 years to the bullying in the playground and the abuse directed at my family in the street for being post war Italians at that!

Anyone could have flagged up weirdo anonymous's comments and reported them ... but they didn't because we believe in free speech. If that isn't the case, then why are we reading this blog?

Anonymous said...

@pat nurse

Quit whining, you greasy fucking eyetie. Jesus Christ - is that all you people do - whine, run away and switch sides?

Fucking wops = eternal victims of everyone.

Pat Nurse said...

Oooopps... sorry, I thought I'd find intelligent debate here. I was obviosuly wrong. But don't worry ... the Itie is leaving the blog..... and, anon, before you go on about us all wearing our boots back to front etc... the only coward here is the one who daren't even use a name.....


Anonymous said...

@pat nurse

Mamma mia! These-a people they is-a offendin' me witha their ethanick caricatures! It's-a disgraceful!

Va fanculo, testa di cazzo.

Anonymous said...

Look at the spineless WASPS, posting anonymous Internet messages against a woman. That's what you've all been reduced to -

You're society's been overrun by the dregs of humanity, your media's been taken over, and this is what you're reduced to

Led along on a string like sheep by Churchill to fight a war for the *international bankers * .... and destroy the British Empire

Churchill was a great man? You've been buying that bullshit for years.

Italians = On the right side of history

Northern Europeans = effiminate, "proper", effete cocksuckers who've turned the West into a disgrace.

Lecca Lecca said...

cant follow that - Is anonymous a tory Mp thought they kept there racist veiws to private meetings. :etting the side down there

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:38 AM

Fuck off, you cockmongling fascist. If Italy's so great, there wouldn't be so many of the bastards infesting every decent country on the planet.

@ lecca lecca

Just shove your head up your arse and fuck off while you do it, you stupid lefty guido prick.