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Mark Clarke

Apparently, ex-Conservative Future Chairman and Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Mark Clarke is a hypocritical, deceitful, tight-fisted bastard who likes to pay for his jollies.
Tatler Tory is a deceitful womaniser who isn't fit to be an MP, says his ex-girlfriend

A high-flying young Tory featured in the society magazine Tatler as a future Cabinet Minister was denounced by his ex-girlfriend yesterday as unfit to be an MP.

Nurse Sarah Gill said Parliamentary candidate Mark Clarke, 31, had treated her ‘appallingly’ during their whirlwind romance, which ended last month.

She claimed Mr Clarke who is campaigning to clean up a red light district in the South London constituency he aims to represent:
  • Told her a previous girlfriend had once arranged a prostitute for him as a ‘present’.

  • Said he went on a weekend trip with male friends to watch England play South Africa at cricket this summer, during which one of them spent a night with a prostitute.

  • Left her in the street one night to be rescued by a black youth wearing a hoodie – and later, after the youth had gone, produced a knife hidden in a wrapped up T-shirt.

  • Told her he had slept with a pal’s girlfriend to get revenge on him – and threw £25 at Miss Gill when they split up and she reminded him he owed her money.

Not fit to be an MP? Well, possibly: nevertheless, it sounds to me like he will fit in nicely with all of the other hypocritical, deceitful bastards in the House of Commons. Yep, I can see a bright future in government for Mark.

Until, of course, he's dangling on the end of a rope alongside with all of the other MP cunts...

In which activity, his ex-girlfriend should probably join him: whilst he may be a shit of the first water, she obviously has no dignity or honour whatso-fucking-ever. Mind you, it may be that a life of spinsterhood awaits her in any case: would you date someone who'd revealed everything about a previous relationship to The Mail On Sunday?

UPDATE: is that glee from Dizzy?
What can I say, being turned over in the Sundays couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I am truly gutted for Mark who once displayed the most unbelievable arrogance and "up his own arse" attitude towards me and a couple of others.

And Guido spells out his alleged hypocrisy very clearly.
The article brought an ex-girlfriend out of the woodwork to accuse him of a history of whoring as well as being a tight-wad. Which is awkward now he is a candidate and campaigning against prostitution in Tooting.

Oh dear, oh dear: poor Mark...


Anonymous said…
Are we not jumping to conclusions here?
Perhaps Mark was engaging in some research into the matter ( and to ensure comprehensive methodological propriety gave it an international/cross-cultural dimension).

His parliamentary expenses will no doubt reflect whether this was diletanteism or conscientious fundamental preparatory investigation and enquiry into legitimate matters of social policy.
bernard said…
Or, as Corporal Jones would say: "those fuzzie wuzzies; they don't like it up them you know".
Anonymous said…
I think you should all leave Mark alne... I lived with him for a year and he was always a gentleman...people just like to knowck others who are doing better than them...
Anonymous said…
Leave your judgements at the proverbial DOOR. What matters now is progress. Stop judging everybody and start casting stones at yourselves you bloody bloggers.



Gen Y!

Anonymous said…
All MPs are cunts

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